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Ep 1: The Truth About Dean Jackson

The Truth About Marketing - Episode 1 - The Truth About Dean Jackson
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Ep 1: The Truth About Dean Jackson



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In This Episode

2:05 – The truth about Dean’s love affair with marketing

03:02 – Why your marketing shouldn’t cost money

04:28 – The amazing results of a simple headline conceived during Dean’s first “Breakthrough Blueprint” mastermind  (the ad is still running hot today).

05:39 – 3 Dean Jackson mantras every marketers should stick up on their wall. Kevin keeps these front of mind every time he sits down to write copy or create an offer.

07:14 – Make this ONE THING clear in your ad and response will skyrocket

08:25 – a simple mindset shift for making good copy flow from your fingertips (this is NOT the default setting for most entrepreneurs)

11:23 – The profound wisdom in a famous Zig Ziglar quote most people miss

12:44 -The absolute best and worst offers you could make to somebody (where does your offer fall on the scale?)

13:52 – When giving your product or service away for free actually costs LESS than if you charged money for it

15:45 – Breakdowns of the 3 radically different postcards Dean tested to a famously pesky market, and the one that outperformed the rest by more than 600%

16:50 – A sneaky (yet ethical) way to grab your prospects attention with an “official tone” he simply can’t ignore.

20:25 – The only information you should include your sales message (any more or less is sabotaging the success of your ad)

21:37 – A simple line you can add to any piece of copy that makes your message crystal clear

23:40 – How to avoid raising an objection your prospect never had in the first place

24:36 – The fastest way to screw up a “free” offer and murder any goodwill

28:25 – The only voice they consider when Kevin or Dean run a marketing campaign

29:23 – Why the real testing starts once you’ve found a winning ad

31:02 – Dean’s crash-course in getting into the mind of your prospect

34:15 – Why prospects that look good on the surface can be far from ideal (and how to guarantee you reach the right ones)

36:18 – “Back away from the keyboard!” (how what you DON’T write can make an ad win big)

39:20 – How a rigid government agency helped Dean “crack the code” on his bold mosquito campaign

Dean’s Mosquito Postcard Tested Ads





And the winner is…



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