Spoiler alert: Yes, you can.

I have proof that if a skill “is in you”, then all you need is a modicum of basic instruction to bring it to life.

I’ve seen this, as I bet you have, with many different skills.

Here’s the formula:

Someone (maybe yourself) has a passing interest and a touch of natural ability, then, given a bit of guidance from a trusted source, they apply some structure to their talent, and WHAM! 

Out pours the magic. 

The restless 3-yr-old who climbs onto a piano bench.

The traumatized 40-year-old who starts their first journal.

The bored teenager (with a dead phone battery) who picks up gramma’s crochet needles.  

Eddie Van Halen grabbed a guitar to get back at his brother for being better on his drum kit than he was. 

What was it for you? 

The instant level of ability is not the thing.

It’s the FEELING conveyed at the moment.  

YOUR feeling of “Oh shit, I think I CAN do this.”

That’s the magic.

From there it’s the effort we put in.

And yes, courses, classes, conferences, all become relevant parts of the journey towards mastery…

But, that first spark?

A book, a friend, a moment… whatever provides the tiny little framework that gives life to your instinct…

That was all it took.

Remember that when it all feels so fucking hard. 

The best work happens when you’re trying the least.   

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