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If there’s one thing most freelancers want, it’s to work with high end clients.

The hero’s journey of a freelancer starts out in the muddy pits of “I’ll take what I can get.”

There’s a phase where we have to “prove the model” of getting paid as a freelancer and it’s filled with clients who, while nice enough people, usually just aren’t at the caliber of business that allows us to do our best work.

We dream of clients with deep pockets, diligent teams, and huge audiences for us to work our magic.

One of my students recently started working with exactly that type of client.

A client with nation-wide TV coverage and endorsements from top TV celebrities. 

A massive HUGE audience and mailing list. 

And a great track record of getting people results.

This is a client who regularly filled rooms with their live events, selling attendees into $25,000 / year programs.

The sort of client with clout, cash, and a stellar reputation.

The sort of client where the work you do
will have wide-reaching impact.

The thing about “dream clients” though, is that they tend to have a line of service providers standing outside their front door — all of them eager to dive in and snatch up the workload should you falter, even for a moment..

Or, at least, that’s how it feels in every freelancer’s mind.

This made-up reality means plenty of freelancers are happy to bend over backwards to satisfy their client’s every whim.

Late night calls… last minute changes to projects… scope creep… the inability to say “no.”

All circumstances that lead to chaos and misery in your life.

And yet, with this student of mine, it was completely different.

At one point, after the engagement started, the client held a team meeting and explained to everyone:

“Ok, folks… important note… The only time you can talk to [copywriter] is on our 3pm call on Mondays. So make sure you’re prepared and we have all of the work ready to be reviewed on that call.”

For my student, it was par for the course.

For all the other contracted experts in the room, it raised eyebrows.

One of the other freelancers cornered her and asked in a hushed tone:

“How did you do that? How did you make it so the only
time you’re available is at 3pm on Mondays?”

“I told them that’s how I work. I only take client calls on Mondays.”

Her answer, while surprisingly simple, reveals the power of understanding your goals and having a plan to reach them. 

We went deep on this on the Freelancing Profit Pie webinar

Most freelancers approach their business in a way where they start out looking to prove the model.

And when you’re in the early stages of your career, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

You’ll do whatever it takes to get the job, prove that this “freelancing thing” has legs… so you can launch out of your day job and make a dash for the exit marked: FREEDOM.

And the freelancers that do the best are the ones that are willing to go the extra mile to satisfy their clients.

It’s the people pleasers that do the best.

Along the way, though… 

If you’re not careful, your instincts to
overdeliver can be taken advantage of..

And if you run your business by default… you’ll land yourself in situations where the client is the one driving the ship.

And not because they’re any sort of control freaks… but simply because SOMEONE has to drive the ship.

As Jay Abraham once said, “People are silently begging to be led.”

And it’s the same for your clients.

Once you recognize and embrace the value of your own time, it’s easy to set expectations for how other people should value it, too.

We’re holding a live workshop on how to apply the “50/25/25 time and energy rule” to your freelancing business.

It’s a handy system you can plug in immediately to know exactly which things are and are not worth your time. Members of my coaching groups are using it to get super clear on their goals and quickly raise their rates with new and existing clients.

(Amazing how fast these changes happen when you suddenly have a plan!) 

If you join Copy Chief today, you can watch the replay of this live training and get my personal coaching on putting your plan together.

Let’s grow your biz AND reduce your stress (yes, those things can happen simultaneously!)

I’m here for you.


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