Here we are in the thick of Q2.

Last year’s income staring you in the face as you prepare to meet that extended tax deadline. 

How’s everything coming together for good ‘ol 2021 so far?

Did you get a running start down the path towards all the big opportunities you saw back in January?


Did a bunch of ‘cool looking’ new paths pop up outta nowhere?

If you’re toward the beginning of your freelance career, I really feel for you.

The choices and options for how to grow your biz are mind-boggling. It’s very hard to choose one and stick with it. 

You don’t need me to point out how frustrating it feels to start and stop a “new life”, over and over again – only to feel like nothing sticks.

It’s a quiet, private pain you have to reconcile within yourself.

Self-doubt and indecision about which path to take usually means you either…

  1. Lost faith in the person you thought could lead you there.
  2. Lost faith in yourself to do what it takes to get where you need to go. 

Maybe a bit of both?

For better or worse we learn to forgive ourselves these indecisions and career GPS ‘recalculations’ because “hey, we gotta live in this head.” Getting along with ourselves is kinda key to our survival.

You know what concerns me just as much, though?

It’s the other people affected by our indecisions. The ones who really want to support us, but are having their faith tested.

I’ve seen a disturbing pattern of relationship ruin over this.

Even long-term ones that looked indestructible from the outside. 

One partner has ambitious dreams, the other partner buys in and becomes their biggest cheerleader… 

… because that’s what true love does. 

Then, soon after, the dreamer wakes up with a new dream. 

The cheerleader is a little disappointed but, “okay… I see why you think this other direction is better, I guess…” and they muster fresh enthusiasm for the dreamer. 

Because that’s what love does. 

With each shaking up of the dreamer’s plan though, the cheerleader’s confidence wanes a little more. 

Frustration grows.

Faith fades.

Until one day, instead of cheers, the dreamer hears, “You know I love you, but…

For example, of all my close friends who’ve divorced after years of marriage, every one of those relationships had a dreamer with a wonky GPS, and a cheerleader who couldn’t listen to it repeating “recalculating… recalculating… recalculating…” one more damn time. 

Is there more to the story of these relationships? Sure. 

It’s something to check in with yourself about, though. 

Especially at this critical point of the year when there’s still plenty of time to right the ship.

Three and a half quarters of clear focus, and confidence in your choice of path can do amazing things for a year, and a career.

And you don’t have to figure it out alone.

You and I can work on it together – personally, if you like.

We can sit and get clarity on exactly how much income you should be earning each month, then explore the options for making it happen. 

(It’s very eye-opening to discover that the gap in what you want to earn and what you’ve been earning is often just one move away from an easy new reality.)

We can take inventory of your skills and experience, both recent and lifelong (including past work and even side hobbies) to identify a market full of clients who could be dying for a freelancer with your unique experiences to come into their lives.

(Too many freelancers struggle to collect “specialist” level fees because they don’t recognize how their existing knowledge can be leveraged in the marketplace.)

We can make a plan for declaring your specialty with some strategic content that you can create once and use over and over to put your name in the lights with the exact kind of client you love working with

… and make the question of “how much” the third concern they have about working with you – just after “are you even for hire” and “do I qualify to work with you”?

We can even craft your “dream package” of services that you can pick and choose to offer – along with exactly what you should get paid – to each qualified client based on their needs and your interest in working with them. 

(This simple move gives us the power to control every prospect scenario and prescribe the exact thing they need to do first. This always makes your client feel like meeting you is a “dream come true”. Because it IS when you are clear on the value of your own badassery.)

How does that sound to you? 

And how might that help the people who support you feel excited about this year along with you? 

If you’re ready, then let’s do this together.

Go check out all the details here and see what you think.


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