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  • Personal Training Dashboard: Everything is customized to your specific needs in your personal training dashboard. Choose the path YOU want to follow and get the exact step-by-step plan you need to succeed, including trainings, resources, and support from the Copy Chief team.
  • 0+ Trainings to master copywriting and freelancing skills: There’s no other training library like the one you’ll find inside of Copy Chief. Not only do we have everything you could possibly need, we also feature exclusive training from some of the top copywriters to ever place their fingers on a keyboard like John Carlton, David Deutsch, Parris Lampropoulos, and many more. 
  • Access to new Guest Expert Training Replays: You’ll always have the exact resources you need when working on any copy project. With a library of guest experts covering everything from how to beat controls to adding humor to your copy, there’s nothing you won’t find in our guest expert training library.
  • Access to the Copy Chief Community Forum: No one writes alone in Copy Chief and you’ll immediately realize this once you see our community forum buzzing with activity at all hours of the day. Whether you’re looking for answers from a copywriting expert or you simply want to bounce a new idea off of other copywriters, this is the place for all freelancers and copywriters.
  • Active Job Board:  Tired of sending cold emails and the never ending “networking” you’re supposed to do on social media? Our Copy Chief job board is full of vetted and highly-qualified businesses looking to hire someone just like you. With a wide range of needs for all levels of copywriters, there’s no better place to find your next gig.
  • Unlimited Copy Critiques: If you want to truly take your copywriting to the next level, you’ll want to pay special attention this. As an All-Access Copy Chief member, you’ll get unlimited copy critiques from our “Badassadors” who are all experts in their own fields. You never know what minor tweak might be the change that beat the control you’re up against. Remember, no one writes alone in Copy Chief.
  • Live “Hot Seat” Coaching/Critiques with Kevin Rogers: If you enjoyed Kevin’s Copywriting Masterclass, why not hang out with him every single month? With your All-Access membership you can sign up for a “hot seat” with Kevin and receive coaching or copy critiques directly from the Copy Chief himself. His advice is invaluable for the future of your career as a copywriter.
  • Member discounts on coaching programs and events: As an All-Access member you’ll receive exclusive discounts for any coaching programs or events we bring to the community. Whether you’re looking to further hone your skills or attend another event like the London Mastermind, we’ve got you covered with a nice discount on anything and everything we will host in the future.

As you can see, no matter which copywriting skill or niche you focus on, you will find the resources, training,

and feedback you need to boost your conversions and write your next best promo.

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