Isn’t shaking hands a weird thing to do?

It may be normalised in Western society.

But let’s just think about it for a while.

The act of touching another person’s hand has become our way of cementing trust.

It’s a physical act that causes an emotional response… and what it means has huge importance for the way you build customer relationships.

It’s super odd.

Yet it’s super powerful.

And the thing is, you don’t even need to shake another person’s hand for the trust-building to happen.

Just the act of doing it is enough.

How do I know this?

A recent experiment proved it.

A study by the University of Bath used a robot during real estate negotiations between a group of people some of whom were negotiating face to face and some of whom negotiated from distance, but with a robot as the intermediary.

Rather than the distance proving an issue, the “social cue” of shaking hands – even when at distance – was enough to ensure both parties trusted each other and proceeded with the deal.

As the study proved:

“Results showed that the act of shaking hands was as important when people interacted virtually through the robot as when people negotiate face to face.”

Isn’t this EXACTLY the problem you face when trying to sell from distance?

Selling face-to-face is always much easier.

Those trust factors are simpler to put across.

The eye contact.

The handshake.

The use of voice to assure your buyer.

What this study proved is that it IS possible to replicate those across distance.

You just have to know how.

Think now about your “robotic handshake”.

Does your sales letter, email or offer deliver build enough trust with your prospect so that they hit the “buy” button?

Think beyond testimonials and social proof.

What if there was one element which could prove a tipping point?

It’s all very well you’ve established rapport and the prospect knows you’re someone who can help them with their problem…

… it’s just establishing the final element of Know, Like and Trust which often proves the obstacle.

One way to jump this hurdle is a killer 60 Second Sales Hook.

You can deliver your proposition quickly, succinctly and in a way that instantly establishes rapport, credibility and trust.

Used properly, a well-crafted, perfectly-targeted 60 Second Sales Hook is your “robotic handshake”.

It can be used ANYWHERE.

Salesletters, emails, video… you name it.

Wherever and whenever you need to instantly build trust.

No robots needed.

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