[Story Sells] Plunder this storytelling jewel from the British Royal Family

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I’m watching The Crown on Netflix.

The show follows the beginning of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign in the 1950s.

If you’re into period dramas and stuffy British manners, it might be your kind of thing.

But for me, it looked like a bit of a snooze fest.

Nonetheless, I’d heard it was good, so I gave it the old Netflix try …

(Watch for five minutes and delete, delete, delete if it doesn’t hold my interest.)

Well, I kept watching. And one of the reasons why is because The Crown exploits a storytelling trick you can use to build inherent curiosity in your story.

I didn’t keep watching because the show is quality, though it is. Good acting, spot-on production design, the works.

And I enjoy learning about history.

But there was something else about it that kept me watching (I’m halfway through the series so far.)

The Crown’s secret sauce is built right into the name of the show. It’s very simple …

The show is about ROYALTY!

Kings and Queens. Lords and Ladies. Ministers, both prime and sub. The Big Men and Women of society.

We humans are fascinated by such people. We want to know what the powerful, the rich, are doing.

They must be doing something right, says a primitive part of our brains.

Even if we scroll through such stories simply to scorn, we’re paying attention.

So whether we watch to mock or model, we’re drawn to tales about the magnificent.

I mean, the British tabloids would probably go bankrupt if the British Crown was ever dissolved.

Yes, we live in an era of a democratization of storytelling, where many people want to see “ordinary people” …

But with apologies to Howard Zinn, the Big Kahunas are just more inherently interesting.

That’s why celebrities sell. Tabloids, etc. About big, special people.

So if you can, use a “Royal” in your story: Any shining person that stands out – whether by birth, wealth, superior ability, or celebrity.

Now, if your sales story doesn’t have a “Royal”, what do you do?

You could hire a celebrity to endorse your product. But if you don’t have that in your budget, you still have options.

Think like a pirate and plunder history. There be crown jewels to be had, matey.

As a random example, look up “G” in the history books …

Perhaps Gandhi did something similar to what your product or service offers. Maybe he knew a trick about human psychology that you help teach. Or a simple dietary rule.

Or, on the other side of the violence spectrum, you could pick Genghis Khan. What were his secrets to power?

Or for even more fun, pick a trick that both Gandhi and Genghis did. Maybe they both did something that unlocked the keys of power.

Then your story would have triple the grabbing power: Two Royals plus a Contradiction. I’d call that a storytelling full house right there.

(It pays to be a history nerd.)

MORAL: So crown your story with the “Royal Treatment” to build in immediate curiosity.

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Scott McKinstry
Scott McKinstry
Scott McKinstry is a direct response copywriter who specializes in telling stories. You can contact Scott and learn more about using the power of stories in marketing at marketingwithstory.com.
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    Love this! My wife and I just watched the crown and loved it. We want more. A whole lot of nothing happens it seems, yet we’re so drawn in.

    • Reply

      Hi Ryan, my wife and I just finished the series ourselves. (And couldn’t resist wikipedi-ing Princess Margaret to see what happened betwixt her and the good captain.)

  • Reply

    An interesting observation I heard recently (I think from Naseem Taleb of ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Antifragility’ fame): the healthiest, happiest, most socially progressive/supportive countries in the EU — Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Belgium — are all constitutional monarchies.

  • Reply

    Hi Andrew, interesting point. I didn’t realize there were that many constitutional monarchies still around — nor so many monarchs in general. Saw a fun list at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_current_sovereign_monarchs.

    Only one lady on that list, but, true to the Pareto principal, she gets the lioness’s share of countries under her titular reign.

    And yep, it’s the same dame as in the show above.

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    My first reading and impressed with the quality of your content. Congrats Kevin, you rock!

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