“Kevin is a really bright copywriter…
and very funny. I Love that about him.”
Dean Jackson
Marketing Consultant to the Business Gurus

Press Kit

  • How “life on the road” led to life as a successful freelance copywriter
  • How he graduated from newbie copywriter to $50K launch packages
  • Hooks, headline formulas, and email subject lines (and how to become a master of them all)
  • How to tell your story in under 60 seconds
  • How Kevin turned a joke formula into a million dollar business (using a $5 Amazon book!)
  • How to overcome “Impostor Syndrome” (even if you’re competing with people 10x better than you)
  • What it means to be “live mic ready” (dozens of Kevin’s coaching students have used this strategy to close deals, get on podcasts, and establish themselves as experts)
  • How to quickly become an authority in your niche — even if you’re a new copywriter with zero experience and no clients
  • How and when to state your price: Kevin’s “backstage pricing” model allows you to calculate money behind the scenes confidently
    and more!

Kevin’s Bio

Kevin Rogers spent years traveling the country as a stand-up
comedian working the circuit with now-famous comics like Chris
Rock, Louis CK, Billy Gardell and many more.

After a decade performing comedy, Kevin retired from the road and married the love of his life. He also discovered a new professional passion – direct response sales copywriting. He spent ten years as a freelance copywriter, writing and chiefing the sales copy for high profile and insanely profitable product launches with the industry’s top producers.

Things changed again when Kevin discovered how a simple joke formula could be used as a powerful marketing hook and began teaching it to marketers as The 60-Second Sales Hook and
released a book by the same name.

The success of the book led Kevin to create Copy Chief, a private community-based forum and copy training center where talented copywriters partner with value-driven product creators and content providers to produce forward-thinking ad campaigns.

After 12 years away from comedy, Kevin’s recently returned to the stand-up stage, developing 25 minutes of new material over 60 days and performing for 2,000 people accepting a challenge to open a show for his longtime friend Billy Gardell, of Mike & Molly fame.

Live Talks/ Comedy

“Kevin Writes Great Copy…
And He’s Got An Infectious Humor.”
James Schramko
Superstar Internet Business Coach
*** Warning: Strong language used in these videos.

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