Anybody serious about marketing success studies other marketers – a lot.

Some attend seminars, others prefer private study, and the most determined seek personal attention from the best mentors.

And none of it is worth a thing until you turn it into cold hard cash.

There are legions of “serial learners” out there who attend every seminar, buy every study course, and go through coaches faster than NFL in a feeble attempt to disguise their fear of action as “preparation.”

If you think that might be you, do yourself a favor and stop now. Make a pact with yourself to never buy another course, attend another seminar, or hire another coach until you’ve exhausted every bit of knowledge you’ve already paid for.

Don’t worry about the gurus, there will always be plenty of “serial learners” to keep them well fed. But it doesn’t have to be you. An believe it or not, they don’t want it to be you.

I can’t speak for all “gurus” of course, but the ones I know and have spoken with would much rather coach 100 action-takers and create success stories… than feel like they’re putting their wasted time on top of your wasted money because 90% of their members, attendees, or students won’t do anything to turn the marketing gold they provide into personal wealth.

You may think if you were a guru you’d love to have hundreds of people pay you thousands of dollars for advice they never take – but that attitude almost ensures you’ll never be paid for advice.

Just like some people’s definition of a “dream job” is one where you get paid well to do nothing. Wrong. In reality, the guilt of workers who feel like they’re “getting away with something” is a leading cause of anxiety in the workplace. While those who feel “overworked” but compensated accordingly are among the happiest, studies show.

One thing I find surprisingly common among “gurus” is a real instinct to be generous with their knowledge. And that generosity comes from a desire to see others succeed. So, to offer your knowledge and have so few act on it is understandably frustrating.

Sorry to burst any bubbles of cynicism to the contrary. And don’t worry, you’re money will always be good at the coaching club ticket window, but know that your coach is hoping you’ll do something with what you buy. Because one major success testimonial is worth more in overall sales – and sanity – than hundreds of seminar seats filled with lead asses.

Make a plan. Put on blinders. Demand success.

That’s how you get off the sideline and into the game.

Don’t you deserve to play?

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