There are a million ways to get attention online.

But what you do with that attention is the X-factor that determines how much money you can make with the internet.

Unless you’re as endlessly intriguing as a pregnant Kardashian you simply cannot bank on an endless cycle of attention-getting tactics to bring in the dough.

That means you’ve got to engage quickly. You’ve got about 5 seconds. That’s how long the average visitor to your website will take to decide to stay or drop the hovering finger of death onto the mouse of doom.

So how do you win a new visitor over in 5 seconds?

Good question.

The answer is…

Tell them a good story.

Your story.

Yes, that’s right, your story and the story of your product (whatever that is).

Of course you can’t tell your story in 5 seconds.

So the key is to tell enough of it in 5 seconds to win you 5 more seconds of attention.

Then again and again and again.

You can tell your whole story in 60 seconds or less – if you know the formula.

I happen to have one you’ll love (just like the thousands I’ve shared it with to raves).

I constructed it from a popular joke formula I used back in my stand-up comedy days.

Check it out here for free…