My first year into freelance copywriting, I had a serious problem.

The Problem: Information overload.

You know this one, right?

That feeling that there is so much good information about how to make money online and it’s your duty to KNOW ALL OF IT.

So you opt in for a ton of free reports or mini-courses, and you vow to follow through on each one because it really sounds like exactly what you need to get you unstuck and earning some dough.

And that feels great.
Because NOW you’re taking action. No more dreaming. You’ve got a plan, Stan!

All that sniffing around and starting and stopping was the old you.

This time is for real.

You announce to your spouse, your kids, your neighbors, the mailman, anyone who will listen, that…

“Things are going to be a lot different in a month or two, once I finish this [course, coaching, product, free report, sales letter, email series]…”

You take that hopeful energy off to bed with you. Sleep like a monk; clearheaded and full of purpose. Eager to awake to your new life.

Until the next morning when you make that fatal mistake. The one that kills you every time…

You open your inbox!

Well, you know the story from there. (cue foreboding music)

Another email from another marketer with another “can’t lose” method for doing exactly what you need…

… and this one is even a little better than yesterday’s big breakthrough because…

… and because…

… plus!…

… and then there’s…

On and on it goes.

Until another year passes and you’re looking back wondering WTF happened. Why you’re still stuck. Still talking about how “this time” is different.

Wondering why your spouse and your kids and your mailman don’t seem so excited for you anymore.

Why that burst of excitement you once felt at the prospect of starting something new has faded to almost nothing. A dim bulb in an empty room.

Like a drug addict chasing a high, you need a massive dose to get lit up again.

And if you’re not careful, you end up a junkie. Lingering around digital street corner forums and Facebook groups bitching about the dealers and the quality of their stuff.

Or worse, a thief. Able to pirate any course you want, but putting value on none of it.

Until your hard drive is stuffed with 500 megabytes of guilt and sorrow over everything you could have been, if you would have finished – and implemented – just one time.

Nasty spiral.

But there is hope (cue happy music)

It’s what I call “immersive learning” and it has made all the difference in my career.

The difference between immersive learning and merely taking in new information is engaging in the process of learning.

Very few people (if any) can master a subject without actually performing the steps involved in creating results.
I know I can’t.

Yet, when you immerse and perform the actions involved in the process… you end up with results. And even if the results aren’t perfect the first time, you can now repeat the process – quickly and easily to get better results.

I realize this is very elementary concept, but if you’re honest with yourself, how many times have you decided to learn something new, but only skimmed the surface of it?

Invested ONLY enough time and energy to get a less vague understanding of how it works, but never actually DID anything with it?

I see people every day on Facebook talking like experts about subjects like sales copy who I know have never earned a dime with their ads.

Sometimes never even created a single ad.

Yet, they will argue for days about the merits of “good copy” as if they’re seasoned pros.

That’s the problem with information overload…

It not only holds us back from DOING, but it creates a flock of surface experts that soil the very notion of getting “expert advice”.

Who can you trust?

There’s only one person you should trust…


Make a decision to question every “expert” you encounter. Before you accept anything they say as truth or law or even accurate… look a layer past the surface for some sign of credentials that make this person worthy of your attention.

In other words, recalibrate your BS detector. And when it goes off, listen to it.

Your output is a direct result of your input.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to be stingy with what you let in?

I think so.

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