The following is a series of emails sent about a serious epidemic in online marketing circles.

Email 1

Subject: Do you suffer from “shiny tactic syndrome”? (a quick test)

Here’s a quick test to see if you (or someone you love) suffers from Shiny Tactic Syndrome (STS)…

__ You bought and never used Guru Buckweasel’s “Auto-Funnel Magic” while you were still making payments on – but not using – Guru McDuffy’s “Magic Funnel System”

__ You have far more login credentials than marketing credentials

__ You have to lie and say you’re playing online poker because your spouse banned you from attending webinars

__ You’ve posted elaborate reviews comparing LeadPages and ClickFunnels even though your conversion rate on both systems is –%

__ Joe Polish sends you birthday cards

__ Frank Kern sends birthday cards to your kids

__ Russell Brunson records “Marketing In Your Car” from the one you paid for

__ Your accountant warned that unless you start making sales he’ll be forced to change your tax category from “Business” to “Hobby”

If you answered “ouch” to any of these facts then you are suffering from STS.

Please contact your bank at once and report that you’ve been a victim of your own fraud.


Special Agent Rogers
Center for Marketing Legitimacy

P.S. Don’t despair. There is a solution. And it doesn’t cost a thing. More tomorrow…


Email 2

Subject: How to fix your “shiny tactic syndrome”

Response to yesterday’s email was swift and hilarious.

Some people said it was the “lol best (and most accurate) email ever” others we’re pissed by it and used it a chance to vent about a very real and painful problem they have.

Truth is, the consequences of STS are no joke.

Collecting marketing products is not like collecting vintage concert t-shirts or bobblehead dolls or even guitars. I know people who collect all of those things. It’s a charming hobby.

The people they share a house with may find it a bit annoying, and yes, there are occasional arguments over spending… but for the most part the quirk is forgiven as an innocent part of who that person is.

“That’s Pete for ya! Pretty soon he’s going to become a bobblehead.”

“Well, you know Lauren and her t-shirts.”

“Oh gosh, don’t let Dave see this guitar…”

All part of the fun. No one gets hurt.

Collecting marketing tactics via expensive products is different.

There’s a dark side to it.

And it causes the people in your life a lot of stress.

Because unlike collecting fun, interesting stuff, every time you collect a marketing tactic — and never do anything with it — you’re breaking another promise.

A promise you made to yourself and the people who love and support you.

(I know, I know… yesterday’s email was a lot more fun…)

But look, I’m close with three different people who’ve had multiple marriages end in divorce. Sad, bitter divorce.

Care to guess what they all have in common?

They all have a habit of getting caught up in a big idea, putting all their passion into it, talking endlessly for weeks about how this is “finally it”… the thing that’s going to solve their money problems!

And not only that… it’s going to make all those other false starts worth it…

“BECAUSE…”, they love to say, “I can see now that it was all leading me to THIS?”

Perfectly charming and infectious speech the first couple of times you hear it.

Soon enough, though, even their most faithful supporters begin to roll their eyes.

Then the eye rolls grow into arms thrown up in the air.

Then anger, then arguments, then resentment…

… then all the nasty, sneaky, hurtful stuff that goes on when people lose faith.

Should we blame the gurus?


Not anymore than we should blame every major league sports team for selling bobbleheads, or Guitar Center for offering you “90 days same as cash” on a badass Les Paul.

Should you blame yourself?

“Blame” is a worthless emotion. Instead, take responsibility.

And more importantly, look for the fix.
It’s right there. I’m sure you know it already.

Tomorrow I’ll share my own painful story of a big idea gone wrong, and what I did to make sure it never happens again.

See you there…



Email 3

Subject: Two word warning to entrepreneurs

If you could choose just TWO WORDS to help your fellow entrepreneurial brothers and sisters avoid shame, humility and financial ruin, which two would you choose?

(I’d actually love to hear them, so please reply)

Wanna hear mine?

Easy choice: Never. Assume.

We’ve all heard the old joke about how when you “assume” it makes an ass out of u and me. Clever, and frightfully acurate in this case.

Seems obvious and you may think yourself immune to such rudimentary oversight, but I promise you’re not. Because none of us are.

Ever heard the quote:

“Everyone is a genius marketer until their name goes on the tin.”

Probably not since I just made up. But it sounds some kind of British marketing legend said it, so let’s pretend it’s universal law.

Case in point, my own mortifying story about the time I came up with seemed like a sure-fire offer for a hungry market, and convinced a well-known (and well-liked) colleague to partner with me and launch it on a webinar.

Now, keep in mind that by this point I’d been a part nearly 100 sales campaigns, generating 9-figures for my clients and had shelled out over hundreds of thousands in fees to freelancers to work with me on these projects.

My partner on this sloppily spontaneous product launch plan had years more experience than me and dozens of super-successful offers under his belt. Including one we’d partnered on a year earlier that sold out at $50,000 with ease.

That’s a mega-ton of combined marketing firepower and sweat in-the-trenches experience on how to create offers that’re all but guaranteed to convert.

CUT TO: End of value-packed webinar, sexy offer, smooth pitch, cart opens and…


Not the melodious hum of evening on the prairie cricket sounds, either. More like, locusts on the blood hunt getting louder with every “what… nothing! Can’t be…” refresh of PayPal cricket sounds.

We literally did not make a single sale.

“I’ve never had that happen before,” said my friend.

I didn’t know what to say. But I knew exactly what had happened…

I assumed.

Unlike the previous offer where I’d been engaged with the market to the tune of 300 comments on a blog article, this time I started with the sales math and created an offer I was convinced would magically solve the equation.

Bad, bad, bad.

And I see it all the time.

Well-known, well-educated entrepreneurs letting their own fantasy math dictate their offers.

“Dude, this is friggin’ gold.”
“My list will eat this up!”
“Guru Kernsaime did like $5 million with that thing that this is imaginarily better than!”

And so it goes… until weeks or months of greed-driven, misdirected energy gets wasted on planning, collaborating and yes, even creating an offer that NOBODY wants.


If you can relate to the pain, say ‘yaayass’!

Let it out brothers and sisters… let it out!

And now let’s heal and move on, wiser and ready to create offers proven to sell.

Next I’ll tell you about the 3 simple phrases that eliminate the chances of you ever creating a cricket sound offer — again, or for the first time.

Stay tuned, this is going to be good…



Email 4

Subject: You think it’s really a copy problem?

Katrina needed good sales copy.

At least that’s what the note on her consult form said.

She’d paid $1,000 for us to get on the phone together and improve her conversions.

I knew in the first 10 minutes that this would need to be a 2-part call — and part 1 would be over fast.

It started like all my consults…

“Tell me about your offer,” I said.

Seven minutes later she was still explaining how she’d “stumbled on” this amazing system for getting any website on the first page of Google search results. She was so impressed on the webinar that she bought a license to sell the system.

“Ok, cool,” I said. “Is the website we’re looking at today on the first page of Google?”

“No, I haven’t actually used the system yet…”

Oh boy.

“… I just need the copy that can sell this offer, then I’ll get a better website,” she said.

Deep breath.

“Katrina,” I said in my best Mike Brady dad voice. “What do you think is the first thing someone will ask when you promise to get their website onto the first page of Google?”

“Probably how much it costs?”

“Uh, no. They’ll ask you exactly what I just asked. And if you give them the same answer, no amount of good copy will help you.”

I told Katrina to hang up and go USE the system she was so impressed with.

She needed to find out IF this thing really works… and if so, understand exactly HOW it works… then she’d have a reason WHY (plus proof) that she is the person people should trust to help them get the same result.

“After that we can talk about your copy,” I said.

If you’re shaking your head at Katrina’s ignorance right now, be careful about getting too smug.

Because Katrina (name changed to protect the guilty) isn’t much different from anyone else suffering from Shiney Tactic Syndrome.

In previous emails we had a laugh about STS, and then we talked about the nasty consequences (including total “life shockers” like divorce and bankruptcy) of it…

Now let’s talk about the fix.

You may be surprised to hear from me, the copy chief, that…

… better copy is NOT the fix.

See, Katrina is no outlier.

I spend a lot of time talking to people who think they have a copy problem when what they really have is an offer problem.

Something that looks and sounds like a solid offer, but when you scratch past the surface you discover that it is completely hollow.

There’s nothing inside. Just an empty box with slick packaging.

That’s because the offer-maker has skipped right past the 3 simple steps that will guarantee your offer will convert.

It should be obvious that they are the same three things Katrina didn’t do. And the same 3 steps I’ve helped every one of my copywriting clients get super clear on before ever writing a single word of their sales letter.

Here they are:

#1 Define WHO you are to the market.

#2 Define WHAT you do or have that they need.

#3 Discover exactly WHY people will pay you for it.

My triple W formula for creating offers guaranteed to sell.

Who you are,
What you do, and
Why people will buy from you.

Truly rudimentary stuff here, yet so epidemically ignored.

If you’re haunted by lack of sales, walking the floor at night stressing over bills, or feel a hot rush of humilation every time somebody asks how “that internet thing” is going…

You’re not alone.

In fact, you’re in the majority of Katrina’s out there who get so caught up in the guru fantasies that they forgot to find out if anyone wanted what they’re offering.

So, let’s get to fixing it.

Over the next three emails I’ll reveal more about each W and show you quick and easy ways to get clarity on what kind of offer you should be creating.

It’s time to stop wasting time focusing on the wrong problem.

This will be good.



Email 5

Subject: Who are you and why will people buy from you?


I’ve spent the last week rubbing salt in your wounds, and now it’s time to heal.

It starts with three deliberate steps…

First you define, WHO you are to the market.

Next you define WHAT is your #1 money skill.

Then you discover WHY people will pay you for it.

Who you are, what you do, and why people will buy from you.

Such an obvious necessity to building a business, yet so epidemically ignored.

Can you imagine walking into a bank and asking for a loan to buy “Johnny Guru’s Badass Marketing System”…
The banker dude, sitting there in his beige walled office with the one company supplied poster and a fake ficus says, “Oh neat… what kind of product are you selling?”

You squirm around in your seat and say, “Well, I’m still figuring that out…”

“But, don’t worry… with Johnny’s whiz bang marketing system I’ll be able to reach a lot more people!”


Yet, when we play banker that criteria goes out the window.

We think Johnny’s Badass Marketing System will magically bring sales, event though there is NO OFFER.

Or, at least, no proof that anyone wants what you’re offering.


So, today we’re going to Offer Camp and we’ll begin by focusing on the first step to defining your Who, What, Why (WWW)

This is not a ranting email.

I truly want to help you fix your marketing.

If you’re ready to go from frustration and embarrassment about Shiny Tactic Syndrome and want to know how to start creating offers that are guaranteed to sell, then please read closely.

Write this part down (don’t cut, paste and forget it, grab paper and pen and draw letters — that will cement the lesson in your mind so you can actually get value from it)…

To discover WHO you are to the market, WHAT you do that people will pay for, and WHY they will buy it from you instead of anyone else, you need to define these 4 things…

– Experience
– Expertise
– Passion
– Accomplishments

The landmine in the group is #3, Passion, more on that coming up…

Today we’ll cover Experience, then in 3 shorter emails over the next 3 days we’ll cover the rest (I told you we were going to camp, so let’s get active).

Experience is an easy one. The most obvious of the group.

Essentially, how many years / projects / seasons / sales / teachings / etc, do you have under your belt?

Now, most people in our happy little world of independent online business owners came here to GET AWAY from the things they have the most experience doing. If that’s you, too, don’t worry that you’ll be stuck doing more of what you’re wanting to move away from by listing it here.

Just take a few minutes to yourself and make your list. A loosely themed resume of the things with which you have the most experience.

These will become more valuable than you might think when I show you how to put them together on Monday’s live training.

Oh, have I not mentioned that yet?

Oh wow! This is exciting…

On Monday, May 23 at 9pm Eastern, I’ll be hosting a free webinar to walk you through you a live case study of the WWW in action. Every step of the process and the real time results my man Ross O’Lochlainn has achieved to create a $1,000 per hour consulting offer.

Register here to join us free

You’ll see how simple it is when you know the plan. Even if you have no list, no authority and no experience marketing your own products.

I know that sounds a lot like the typical bullsh*t hype you hear from Johnny Guru…

… and it would be except that we will be showing you honest PROOF of how this worked for Ross (who will join me on the training), how it worked for me, and how it works for big names and no names just the same.

I’ll tell you in advance that we will be offering an exciting opportunity to work with us directly. However, this is not a teaser training. If you do nothing more than show up and take notes for 45 minutes Monday night, you will be loaded with actionable steps and the inspiration to execute them fully.

If you know me you know I’m terrible at holding back. (My buddy Ben Settle tells me I’m crazy for “hard teaching” so much, but I cayn’t hep it!

Coming up tomorrow, we’ll dive into Expertise and how to get past the head trash we bring to allowing ourselves to be an expert.

Hot stuff.

Any questions, hit reply.



Email 6

Subject: [Offer Camp] Step 2: Defining your expertise

Welcome back to online “Offer Camp”.

We’re getting clear on our Three W’s to creating offers that sell.

They are…

WHO we are to the market,
WHAT we do that people will pay us for, and
WHY they’ll want to buy it from us instead of anyone else.

Discovering those triple dubs are the key difference between entrepreneurs who have offers that sell, and those that don’t.

If you’re just getting here and want to catch up real quick, you can see the previous emails here.

In the last session we covered #1 of the 4 things you need to list out to get clarity on your WWW; your Experience.

Today we’re diving deeper into Expertise.

What do you consider your #1 Expertise?

Now, if you sighed at the thought of answering that question, you’re not alone.

The idea of calling yourself an “expert” is shrouded in head trash. Most people aren’t comfortable with it. Add to that how we exist in an industry of guru-mania and it’s easy to count yourself out.

“Who am I to call myself an expert in this topic when X, X and X are way more experienced at this than me. Hell, they’re FAMOUS for their expertise in this. People will laugh in my face if I try to compete with X.”

I have two words for you… F*ck X!

Seriously, say it out loud. Even if the kids are present, yell it out. Go ahead. This is important. They’ll be scared for a minute, but they will thank you later in life when you inspire them to take ownership of their own identity.

There, doesn’t that feel good?

Now there’s room for you to be an expert, too.

Because guess what?

When the “X” you just awkwardly shouted obscenities at was starting out, they had the same fear you did about calling themselves an expert.

But they did it anyway.

And now they have the honor of being sworn at by you!


Have I made my point?

You don’t need anyone’s permission to become an expert. Only the ability to get results. And not the world’s best results because there’s always someone better, but solid results from work you do.

Results don’t have to be measured in dollars (for now), just a solid before and after, and the ability to talk about how you do it.

There are people out there waiting to learn from YOU. Not any other X. Just YOU.

It’s time to accept that the only requirement to becoming an expert is having enough experience creating results to help someone with less experience than you get better results now.

Identify the thing you do that gets results. Then write it down under your list of experience.

Congratulations! You’ve just taken your first step towards becoming an expert.

Are you ready to go out and start charging top dollar for your expertise?


If you are already getting paid for your expertise then you are probably undercharging. Imposter Syndrome runs rampant amongst freelancers. Part of how I coach them past it is with the method I’m sharing on Monday’s live event.

If you’re not getting paid yet, don’t skip ahead.

We already have that problem in our industry. Puffed up posers bragging about their bloated fees, but turning in garbage work. Makes life harder for everybody.

Don’t sweat those clowns posturing on Fakebook. They never last.

For now just define your expertise. No stressing, just own it. As if you’re the only person willing to teach this stuff.

From there we can begin to define how you will use your experience to further validate your expertise – and start to dive into the all important “dialogue” that practically creates your hot selling offers for you.

Tomorrow we’re moving on to #4: Passion. She’s a beautiful and complicated lady.

If you haven’t yet, get yourself registered for the free training I’m holding Monday, May 23 at 9pm Eastern. I’ll show you how to take this little list you’re making right now and turn it into offers that are guaranteed to sell.

You’ll see a live case studies, including a $1,000 per hour doozie featuring my co-host and #1 student, Ross O’Lochlainn.

Register for the free training now, and I’ll see tomorrow for #3 – Passion.



Email 7

Subject: [Offer Camp] Step 3: Harnessing your passion

Welcome back to our mini “Offer Camp”.

If you’re just getting here and want to catch up real quick, you can see the previous emails here.

We’ve listed our experience, identified our expertise (with full permission to embrace it), and today we’re going to harness our passion.


Such a gorgeous and complex muse.

Passion can be the path to riches beyond imagination, or the treacherous road to ruin.

The only difference is whether you’re able to harness your passion, or fall victim to it.

Passion needs a plan.

“No way, Rogers…” you may be thinking. “Trying to bend passion to your will strips away her power.”

If that’s your take then enjoy life as a starving artist. (Did that myself for ten years, no fun past 30).

Truth is, pairing passion with a plan actually doubles her power.

Quick example: Let’s say you want to build muscle.

So you go to the gym every day, like religion. You stay for 2 hours and do as many sets as you can. You leave there sweating like Justin Bieber in a spelling B and ache all over the next day.

And we’re taught to believe putting in all that hard work has to produce results, right?

Uhhh, no.

That soreness you feel is actually you torturing your ligaments. Permanent damage is close behind.

And when you see a lack of a results in attaining the physique you want, frustration sets in. Despite all your faithful sweating and grunting, you throw up your hands and quit.

All because your passion had no plan to guide her.

Contrast that with the kind of plan that top bodybuilders follow, like my friend Ben Pakulski. The plan is to work out far less, but with super specific moves that focus all your energy on the muscle you’re working.

You’re not jerking around like a nut-job to get in that “last rep in”.

The results are night and day.
(Burgundy vs Pakulski)

The difference is whether you’re delusional or deliberate.

So, in Step 1 we listed our experience, in Step 2 we accepted our expertise, and today’s exercise is to write down your #1 passion and then review the plan you’ve been following up until now.

Take 5 minutes to quietly reflect on your passion, then draw the plan like a road map just as you’ve been following it. Then rate on a scale of 1-10 how well it has worked for you.

On Monday’s live training, we’ll contrast the current plan with the proven plan myself, Ross and several others have been using to harness our passion into real profits.

Register here if you haven’t already (seats filled so fast I had to expand my Zoom plan to fit more of you in)

It’s only 2 days away!

I’m excited to show you what we’ve been working on.

This is going to be GOOD.


If you’re skimming, here’s the deal: I’m hosting a free live virtual training on Monday May 23 at 9pm EDT all about how to cure your Shiny Tactic Syndrome and finally create offers that convert in 60 days. This is the blueprint I’ve used and I teach my students to use. My #1 student, Ross O’Lochlainn will co-pilot and share exactly what he’s done to go from dreaming to earning in a shockingly short amount of time. Register here, seats are limited (I’ve already expanded capacity once to make room for demand).


PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”

PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”
PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”
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