Chris Haddad is as sharp as they come.

He’s long been one of the Internet’s most accomplished and saught-after copywriters, penning million dollar winners for the likes of Jeff Walker, Jeff Johnson and other major players not named “Jeff.”

Now Chris has slipped out from behind his keyboard and into the white hot guru spotlight as the new golden boy of the romance and seduction niche.

His second product ever (Text The Romance Back) under “sexpert” nom de plume, Michael Fiore, landed him national prominence as a guest on the Rachael Ray show.

Making him not only the fastest rising star in the red hot seduction market, but (I would argue) a major contributor to world peace by helping men and women rediscover their intimacy and letting their freak flags fly.

Chis brings his trademark candidness to this interview, so you might not want kids in the room. Otherwise, light a candle and enjoy!


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