Ep 90: The Magic of “Paid On Results” Offers with Ross O’Lochlainn

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In This Episode

I often cite Ross O’Lochlainn as the “poster child” for the Entrepreneurial Freelancer.

That’s the kind who, rather than grow a business driven by traditional copy client projects, discovers a “super ability” they’re passionate about and creates a high-value service around that.

For Ross, it was helping business owners define their USP (Unique Selling Position). Ross developed this skill into a training in my private community Copy Chief…

Then, responding to demand, his own service at $1,000/hr consultation, and it has evolved from there.

In an interesting twist, Ross decided to take a full-time position with Danny Iny’s company Mirasee as the Director of Growth. This provided him a steady income and a great learning opportunity, but the workload was super intense.

Ross left the position after one full year and is back to freelancing, again with a twist that you’ll find intriguing.

If you’re a freelancer or business owner who wants to get paid on results, then be sure to listen to this one. You’ll be glad you did.


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