Ep 70: Selling A Million Bucks In Guns Through Email (What Bob Learned) with Bob Conroy

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In This Episode

Here’s an undeniable marketing truth: Email remains one of the most powerful ways to sell your product or service today… no matter your market.

In fact—you can even sell expensive, high-end physical products to skeptical customers who demand first-class craftsmanship with just email… if you do it right.

So… how can you use the selling power of email to promote your product or service… no matter the cost of your goods, or the skepticism of your prospects?

Today I’ve got Bob Conroy on the show. Bob is a former firearm marketer turned freelance copywriter. He’s got a knack for writing persuasive copy for the conservative demographic.

Bob sold a million and a half dollars worth of “niche firearms” (including WWII collector’s items) for 6 years straight… just using email.

As Bob explains in the interview, you’ve got to switch the focus of your emails from brand centric to prospect centric…

and when you do that, you give your prospects the chance to forge a deep connection with your marketing message BEFORE they ever see your offer.

In this episode, Bob shows you his unique tips and tactics to getting your emails opened, consumed, and acted on… even in the most conservative markets.

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • The ONE simple thing Bob did to grow his email list by 5000 people almost overnight… and it cost him nearly nothing to do it. (You’re likely overlooking this way of getting hot leads for your business, fast.)
  • The single biggest sales-boosting email tactic Bob used to get his emails opened and consumed almost instantly. (And why most marketers completely botch it up trying to “sell” through email.)
  • The “let ’em of the hook” trap most business owners fall prey to writing email copy… and what Bob suggests you do instead to practically force your prospect’s brain to crave your offer.


Get Bob’s special report for CCR listeners here

Download the episode here

Show notes written by Max Hamm. You can reach Max at maxhammcopy.com.

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