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Ep 62: Mike Schauer – Swiping Copy

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Ep 62: Mike Schauer – Swiping Copy

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In This Episode

0.40: Mike pulls back the curtain on the breakthrough website that’s revolutionizing every smart copywriter’s game. (If you’re not taking advantage of this sweet opportunity, shame on you.)

5.15: The absolute worst crime someone can accuse you of, if you’re a copywriter or a comedian. (Avoid this or your reputation is toast.)

8.00: “Like porn for copywriters.” “Gave me a stiffy!” Mike gets a little shy talking about people’s x-rated reviews of his copy collection (300 ads and counting).

9.20: “My swipe file’s bigger than yours!” Why your swipe file won’t save you, and what you need to be doing instead.

28.30: Kevin explains why critics who bitch about typos never make any money.

28.55: Mike finally reveals the 5 Career Ending Mistakes you need to avoid when it comes to the delicate art of swiping copy from the pros.

34.10: Why trying to fit a successful mold is terrible strategy and opens you up to stupid levels of risk.

36.55: How to break down the structure of a winning sales letter and make it work for you 100% of the time no matter the market. (This builds trust with your audience AND helps you avoid a lawsuit.)

38.55: The question you NEED to ask yourself every time you read a popular sales letter, or else you’ll never improve. (Few people ever do this, which is why many copywriters are dead in the water and don’t even know it.)

43.00: How people keep screwing up the whole concept of market sophistication. (Plus: how to discover EXACTLY which copy elements stand the test of time and give you a license to print money … no matter what decade you’re in.)

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