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EP 292: The secret side-door into financial copywriting w/ Joshua Lee Henry

Joshua Lee Henry
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EP 292: The secret side-door into financial copywriting w/ Joshua Lee Henry

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In This Episode

Here’s ONE thing everyone in the copywriting industry can agree on (probably the only one)…

The best copywriters in the world write in the financial niche. 

I could list a dozen reasons why that is, but you likely know them already.

It really comes down to the fact that…

Financial is the most competitive, innovative, and lucrative market in direct response. 

They thrive on big ideas, they test relentlessly, they create Hollywood-level video sales letters. 

It’s also the only copy market where “everyday” copywriters can grow to make millions in royalties. 

I know several copywriters who started out as generalists, joined a publisher, became among the best in the world, and made so much writing in finance that they have now “retired” to start their own businesses. 

It’s like that line from Frank Sinatra’s song, “New York, New York”… If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere.

These publishers have a HUGE problem though…

They Desperately Need New Copywriters!

Yet, none of them have programs to educate and train copywriters on how to write for the financial niche. 

So, I decided to do it for them inside of Copy Chief. 

On today’s episode, I’m talking with Joshua Lee Henry, a rising star in the world of financial copywriting (recently promoted to copy chief at Banyan Hill Publishing)…

You’ll hear how Joshua went from being fired from his job (“the worst day of my life”) five years ago, to becoming one the highest-paid and most respected copywriters in the game today.

Joshua is also an incredible teacher and copy coach who’s helped scores of new copywriters get up-to-speed on how to write financial copy, and hired at big-name publishers. 

So, he was the perfect person to partner with to develop our new program called, The World of Financial Copywriting (which opens today). 

Listen to Copy Chief Radio Ep 292: The secret side door into financial copywriting w/ Joshua Lee Henry


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