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EP 232: New Breed: Casey Stanton on Fractional CMO-ing

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EP 232: New Breed: Casey Stanton on Fractional CMO-ing

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In This Episode

Fractional CMOs are essentially a hybrid of Marketing Consultant (which nobody really wants) and Chief Marketing Officer (which many companies can’t afford or aren’t yet ready for).

Whether or not you feel equipped to step into a company as their fractional CMO, today’s episode will expand your thinking about…

– Positioning yourself as an indispensable problem solver, instead of a generalist freelancer…
– Asking your clients better questions so you can solve bigger problems (and collect bigger checks)…
– Recognizing the “slow to change” principles that lead to greater job security…
– Avoiding the inevitable trap of AI replacing your “skillset”…
– Leading projects and delegating tasks to other people who do what you don’t want to (or know how to) do…  
– Getting on the same page with your clients about what they truly want from their marketing….

This 40 minute conversation will immediately reframe your thinking and potentially open up a whole new world of possibilities for how to grow your business. 


Plus… whenever you’re ready:

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