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Ep 191: More time for the “big buck stuff” with Ashlee Berghoff

Ashlee Berghoff
Copy Chief Radio

Ep 191: More time for the “big buck stuff” with Ashlee Berghoff

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In This Episode

Ever feel like all those books on productivity just don’t apply to you and your freelancing biz?

That’s because running a freelance business IS different than other businesses – especially in early days when it’s JUST YOU doing everything.

Yet, many of the freelancers I coach have been able to win back hours every week and double their productivity on the things they do best – like writing copy, strategizing campaigns, or creating great content.

And the person who helped most of them do it is Ashlee Berghoff.

Ashlee is that perfect mix of human being who has a giant heart and a computer-like brain, which means she truly gets WHY we get overwhelmed, that it’s a little different for everyone, and HOW to customize proven systems to fix it. 

Today, she’s going to give you actionable tactics for identifying your biggest productivity roadblocks and tweaking your workflow to win back some critical hours, so you can…

Spend more time doing the ‘big buck stuff’ and less on the exhausting administrative stuff.


Plus… whenever you’re ready: