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Ep 164: Shrink First So You Can Scale Fast with James Schramko

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Ep 164: Shrink First So You Can Scale Fast with James Schramko

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In This Episode

Last October, legendary marketer James Schramko left his family (and his surfboards) to make the 24-hour pilgrimage to the U.S. so he could deliver a keynote address at my annual copywriting conference, Copy Chief Live.

Now, if you know James at all, you know he never filters his opinions or his content. Which is one reason he’s been a consistent leader in our industry for well over a decade.

So, imagine how RAW and UNFILTERED James’ answers were during an open “Ask Me Anything” session, with dozens of button-pushing copywriters lined up at the mic to rail him with uncommon questions about…

  • What gave him the confidence to walk away from a $300,000 annual salary so he could triple it building a business online…
  • The 3 ways to build a membership (people do it for all kinds of other reasons and it nearly always fails)…
  • Why every offer he makes starts with MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to help his subscriber (proof that you can do very well keeping things super simple)…

Plus, the full playbook he used for creating 10 different income streams, with James calculating the Effective Hourly Rate of his time for each.

That’s just a sample of the wide ranging advice James shares from his hands-on experiences growing multiple businesses online in this special closed-door recording with James Scramko from Copy Chief Live. 

Prepare to take some notes on this one 🙂


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