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Ep 160: Grow Your Business Beyond Clients with Laura Belgray

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Ep 160: Grow Your Business Beyond Clients with Laura Belgray

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In This Episode

A few short years ago, Laura Belgray was being referred to as “Marie Forleo’s copywriter.”

Which sounds like a great gig, right? I mean, Marie’s copy is top shelf. 

One Problem: Marie writes her own copy, thank you very much. So the title was incorrect.

Second Problem: Although she loves working with Marie on creating courses and punching scripts for Marie TV… Laura didn’t like the sound of her name described as anyone’s anything…

“I wanted to be Laura F*cking Belgray!” She said from the stage at Copy Chief Live to cheers and howls. 

Many freelancers who’ve been secretly yearning to get out from a client’s shadow declared that day to change their own middle names to match Laura’s determination to steal the spotlight and become their #1 client. 

In today’s special episode of Copy Chief Radio, you’ll hear Laura talk about… 

  • How she grew her biz from scratch to now earning over 7-figures a year with her small but super-loyal list. 
  • How she got consulting clients to line up and pay $1,495 for one hour, then decided to abruptly end the service last year.
  • How she lands high-profile article-writing gigs with major publications like INC. and others.

And, as they say, a whole lot more!

This one will get you pumped!


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