Copy Chief is hiring an Executive Assistant in St. Petersburg, Florida

Do you pride yourself on keeping yourself (and others) organized when there’s lots going on? Or sometimes think of yourself as a mind-reader (meaning, you’re great at reading people and situations to anticipate what they need)?

We’re looking for a reliable and experienced assistant who’s GREAT at juggling several things at once.

If you’re organized, a great communicator, can keep multiple plates spinning … and can get down with slightly-obscure rock n’ roll references – we’d love to meet you!

One of the reasons the content, community, and reputation of Copy Chief is so respected, is that our CEO Kevin Rogers is an incredible visionary. 

Sitting in that Visionary role and developing great ideas requires 2 things: Time and Space

Your job will be to help Kevin  free up more of his time, bandwidth, and brainspace so he can sit firmly in the “visionary” role of our company, and stay out of the day-to-day operations as much as possible.

You’ll be Kevin’s go-to point of contact and liaison – helping him minimize the time he spends in email, managing his calendar, and organizing his tasks, and maximize the time he can spend creating great content and coming up with great new ideas. 

Here are a few other things that would make you a no-brainer “Heck Yah!” candidate for this role: 

  • You’re a St Pete local! (or near to it)
    • This role is largely “work from home” and has flexible hours – but you will need to be available for in-person meetings, errands, and events in St Petersburg Florida. 
  • You have reliable (and fast) internet connection
    • We live online and are always jammin’ on video-chat – so please ditch the dial-up
  • You’re available for 10-15 hours /week during normal business hours 
  • You’ve got a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation 
  • Defending deadlines and helping things keep to “the schedule” puts you in your happy place 
  • You’ve worked as a personal assistant or executive assistant in the past 
  • You’re self-directed, self-motivated and can Google your way to most answers you don’t know (and are willing to ask for specific help when you need it)
  • You’re professional and polite in your communication, and can represent the company as such (even if “Angry Tuesday Lady” really DOES deserve to hear what you’re really thinking)
  • You know how to use the basic tech needed to operate an online biz
    • Google docs, Gdrive, Google Calendar, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, etc. 
    • Bonus if you’ve got experience with project management software (like basecamp, asana, or trello) – but not a deal breaker if you need some training here.
  • You can handle confidential information with care
    Proofreading and double checking your work gives you the warm fuzzies
    And most importantly – you’re chill and easy to work with! (We do like to have fun while we take over the world)

Sound like you? Apply using the form below:

About Copy Chief

Copy Chief is a training center and community for freelancers and business owners looking to improve their marketing or business skills. 

It’s the longest running and most respected marketing community where business owners and copywriters come together to… 

  • Learn how to write high-converting copy for clients or their own business
  • ​Get unlimited copy critiques and feedback on their marketing campaigns
  • ​Access actionable trainings backed by real, market-tested results (never convenient theory)
  • Find high-level clients and freelancers in our active Job Boards

Our motto is “Nobody Writes Alone” because we watch each other’s back with honest and instructive copy critiques, Masterclass level  trainings, and searchable framework templates to help you stay on track and pump out copy fast. 

While our members are the backbone of what truly makes Copy Chief great, our Community culture and content is led by founder and marketing visionary Kevin Rogers. 

Kevin started Copy Chief in 2014 so high-level copywriters and marketers could have a private place online (away from the clutter of social media) to share our well-guarded secrets on what works best (and what failed worst), so we could all do better work.

Since then we’ve opened our doors to members of all levels, from true legends of the industry to eager new converts to the craft looking to score their first client win.

Now Copy Chief is supported by a small, yet passionate team based all over the world. We value resourcefulness, leadership, personal accountability, and passion for what you do – and of course – the desire to have a ton of fun while doing it. 

We’re dedicated to giving our team members everything they need to grow into the best possible version of themselves and do their best work – and we love to celebrate our wins along the way. 

We’re proud to say that the name Copy Chief has become synonymous with quality and integrity in copywriting across the industry. This is where the top direct response marketers and business owners come to meet and hire their copywriters.

Everything we share is based on results, everyone treats each other with respect, and everyone invests in their membership so they can get the most return from it.

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