It’s November 5th here in the States, which is also the end of a ridiculously archaic thing we do called Daylight Saving Time, where in the spring we flip our clocks ahead an hour in an attempt to trick the sun into giving us more time to spend money every day. 

So, now, it’s time to flip the clocks back and return that hour of daylight we’ve been “borrowing” before the sun notices what we’ve done and punishes us.

About half the countries in the world do this and there’s always debate around whether to scrap this silly charade, but I doubt we’ll ever stop it here. 

Because it’s just so American to think we can dupe our #1 life source into making things more convenient for us. 

Yet, Daylight Savings is a fitting metaphor for this time of year, because… 

The sun is quite literally going down in 2023. 

Let’s face it, the rest of the year is going to be pretty much ceremonial.

We’re heading into “The Holidays”… and all the JOY they bring into our lives. 

Predictable, hearthy, goodness mixed with a dash of loathing and a splash of depression, wrapped in a warm, ugly sweater.

Then, you’ll look up and see the ball dropping above a crowd of freezing-assed people making out to the sounds of a has-been rock band “rockin’” in Times Square.

It’s magic, really. 

Oh, I know, I know… 

I’m being a Scrooge and the trees haven’t even gone up yet. (Except at the big box hardware stores, where they went up in like June!)

Joking aside, I really do believe NOW is the time to take a moment and think through how 2023 went for you. 

Considering it’s your last chance to do it on your own terms. Before everyone else is doing it, and telling you how you’re supposed to be doing it. 

You know that brutal week between Christmas and New Year’s when everything is a “Top 100” of the year list. 

Top 100 Pet Memes of 2023!

(God almighty, were there really a hundred good ones? Now I have to look.)


Do it now. 

Otherwise, you’ll feel too pressured and distracted and you’ll blow it off. 

Don’t overthink it either. 

You don’t need a formal system, or a special guided journal, or a cleansing ritual to make this a legitimate process. 

All you actually need to do, which most of us do not do nearly often enough, is to…


Know what I mean? 

Pick a time and a place, just like you would for say, a massage, or a doctor’s appointment, where you sit, with… 

No distractions, 

No pressure, and,

No other agenda…

To look back over the year and assess.

This could take as little as an hour and as long as an afternoon, depending on how deep you want to go.

Simply pull up your calendar, look back and jot down all the projects, the events, the obligations, and the unexpecteds you gave your time and energy to this year.

Then assess each one of them this way:

Was this WORTHY?

Worthy of your time, your energy, your sacrifice?

Did it reward you? 

Emotionally, spiritually, financially?

Would you do it again in a heartbeat?


Would you hope to never experience that again?

Then ask yourself: 

Did this occur against my will (because, sometimes shit happens and we have to deal with it)…


Did I invite this into my life? (Be honest.)

And, of the things we invited (and yes, allowing does equal inviting), but do not want anymore…

Have we put rules in place to keep them out next time?


Of the things we want more of in our lives…

Are we putting energy towards making them happen more often?

So, after some sorting, and soul searching…

You have just two lists.

Things I want More of, and things I want No More of. 

More | No More

Decide and direct.

We can control far more things than we think we can in our lives. But first, you have to recognize them and how they got there.  

Do just this process for yourself, right now (before the idea of it devolves into a hackneyed, one-week trend) and you will be in a much better position for making 2024 the kind of year you deserve. 


Do it. 

I’m rooting for you.

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