Fate is a fickle thing. 

Do you ever sit back and wonder how different life would be if you’d made other choices?

It could be a small thing, like the time you passed on seeing Miles Davis in concert a month before he died (just me?).

Or a huge thing, like marrying the wrong person, and letting “the one” get away. 

We all have regrets. 

We also have fortunes of fate. 

Like the time I reluctantly left one Beale St. blues club for another and the Rolling Stones walked in behind me then jammed “Red House” 20 feet from where I was standing. 

Some decisions we make are on us, others are put upon us. 

There’s no use trying to tally the score. 

What matters is making the decisions in front of us now

The only real win is turning tough lessons into better decisions. 

Don’t let the fear of getting it wrong keep you from moving forward. 

Momentum is everything. 

Right or wrong, if you’re moving towards something with determination, good things will happen. 

People will see it and they will help you. 

Accept their help. 

Use their help. 

Ask for more help. 

Nobody figures life out on their own. 

The helpers are the ones who once needed it, and asked for it, and used it. 

Pay it forward. 

That’s the cycle. 

Easiest decision ever.

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