“I’d love to hire you, but I just can’t afford your price.”

“I’d love to work with you, but I just can’t wait for your next opening.”

“This all looks great, but you’re a bit out of my league.”

Hearing these phrases from good prospects is music to a freelancer’s ears. 

I call them, “a good ‘no’.”

Yet, too often, they never come. 

Because there’s a treacherous part of the highway on the Freelancer’s Journey, between phases 2 and 3, where it’s easy to get caught in… 

The “‘Yes’ loop.”

Where you find yourself agreeing to gigs you know you don’t want. 

There’s plenty of justification…

You tell yourself things like…

“They’re such a good client, and they’ve been with me since I started.”

But, you know, (not so) deep down, that it’s time to move on.

Still, you’re scared.

Scared that if you get “too big for your britches,” all the work will dry up.

And the universe will put you right back in your place, and remind you where you really belong. 

So, you say, “Okay, sounds good.” 

Then regret doing the work you once felt lucky to have.

Next thing you know, it’s been years, and you feel stuck.

Doing the same kind of work, for the same pay, as when you started this journey. 

That’s when the voice of doubt starts taking control. 

Maybe you’re just not cut out for this business?

Maybe all those people were right?

Maybe you would’ve been better off keeping your job?

It’s a test every freelancer must face.

Are you willing to set a standard for how you run your business?

Or will you cave to the pressure of “staying safe” in the status quo?

So many times, I’ve demanded that a freelancer I work with raise their rates…

Not to “take advantage” of a client.

But, to raise them up to a new standard.

It’s an easy conversation to have.

“I love having you as a client. However, my fees have increased. Are you open to reviewing our arrangement?”

There are only two possible answers.

Neither has a downside. 

If they agree, you’re making more money, and feeling fresh energy about your work. 

If they refuse, you’ve opened the door to new opportunities. 

And no longer feeling stuck.

You might think of it as a “leap of faith.”

But, it’s actually just nature taking its course. 

You’re better now. 

You can do more for them. 

Or others. 

As a result, you’re worth more. 


Something to think about.

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