Converting copy into design

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Jody Raynsford
Jody Raynsford
Jody Raynsford is a direct response copywriter and author of The Engagement Formula written to help business owners and entrepreneurs tell compelling stories to capture their prospect’s attention and transform them into buyers. Download a copy of The Engagement Formula free for a limited time here:
  • Tim Genster

    For those of us who slave over getting our copy to work as hard as possible, the thought of turning it all over to a ‘maybe’ designer adds a layer of will-it-work anxiety we just don’t need.

    With Greg as a great example… there really are designers who respect and enhance the role of copy. Especially for any new copywriters, never overlook how much impact a designer can have on maximizing the impact of your words. The difference in your conversion success can be huge!

    Thanks to Kevin and Greg for doing this video.

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