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Meet Melanie

How A Busy Mother of Five Became A Sought-After Freelance Copywriter
After more than a decade as a stay-at-home mom, Melanie needed to start a new career. One that would let her become financially independent without sacrificing time with her kids.
Working with Kevin
She discovered how to “frame” relationships with potential copywriting clients. So they respected her and wanted to work with her.
Melanie earns a great living working from home and is now financially independent. She clocks out at 2:45 each day so she can spend the afternoon with her family.
“I needed to replace my child support money…”
Melanie Warren was a stay-at-home mom with five kids.
For over a decade, she relied on her husband’s income for financial support.
But then, they decided to separate.
Melanie knew she needed to become financially independent. She wanted a job that would let her stay home and be with her family.
As she says:
“I was like a 50’s housewife. I spun wool, knitted sweaters, homeschooled my children and relied on my husband for income.
But my child support was going to end in 2 years. And I needed a way to replace that money.”
Hear why Melanie decide to become a freelancer
“I didn’t have any samples…”
Melanie was interested in copywriting but didn’t have any experience.
She had to catch up fast. So she read dozens of books. Went to copywriting boot camps. And spent thousands of dollars on courses.
But she didn’t have any clients or work to show for it.
One day, she found a post from Kevin Rogers on a copywriting forum. That led her to join his list.
When she found out he was going to mentor new copywriters, she jumped at the chance.
Even though she had no experience — and didn’t have samples to show him — they both felt it was a good fit. So they began to have weekly coaching calls.
“I instinctively knew to trust Kevin. He felt honest.”

“I was all over the map…”

​Melanie had no clue how to start a freelance copywriting business.
So one of the big things Kevin helped her do was focus.
He gave her guidance and direction. Helping her put up a site and create a lead magnet to attract clients.
He also sent her referrals. And helped her close deals.
Kevin sent Melanie her first lead two months after they started working together. And that was all it took to get Melanie’s freelance career up-and-running.
“I ended up doing a sales letter a month for 15 months for my first client. My calendar was full just from her.”
A sales letter Melanie wrote for her first client.
Hear how Melanie lands clients
“I second-guessed myself a lot…”
Despite her early success, Melanie doubted herself.
She wasn’t sure if she could make it. And felt she needed to hide parts of her personality to fit into this male-dominated industry.
But Kevin showed her how to gain respect and be successful by being herself.
“Kevin’s thing is to ‘be all you all the time.’ He encouraged me to step into my power and own my authority.”
Along with being herself, he taught her how to take control of her conversations with clients.
He helped her create a “frame” that let her charge high fees and work with great people.
“Kevin taught me to be more assertive. And to say the biggest number I can in negotiations, then don’t talk anymore…
He also taught me to make people meet my deadlines and have things they are responsible for. All this helped me create a frame where I don’t have to feel “less than” my client.”
By being herself and controlling the relationship, Melanie’s business continued to thrive.
After her main client didn’t need sales pages anymore, Melanie began to reply to job postings inside the Copy Chief job board.
Clients loved her immediately. So she had no problem landing jobs.
“I never try and prove myself on a call with a potential client. My only goal is to see if we are a good fit.”
Melanie shares how to succeed as a woman copywriter
I spent all my money…”
Though her career was thriving, Melanie had trouble behind-the-scenes.
She was in the middle of a divorce. So between court dates and lawyer meetings, she didn’t have much time to work.
On top of that, nearly every penny she made went to legal fees.
“I didn’t have time to do client work. There was one month I only made $300.”
But Melanie had one thing going for her she didn’t realize.
Melanie has always loved coaching. So she began coaching copywriters for fun on the side.
She was so good at it, Kevin hired her to coach up-and-coming copywriters in his Real Free Life program.
This extra income added up faster than she realized. She was shocked to discover that despite working less, her income had skyrocketed.
“I doubled my income from the previous year. I didn’t expect that.
I actually went to the bank and made them print out receipts of what I deposited because I didn’t believe it.”
Melanie with her kids
“I’m financially independent…”
​Two years after she began her copywriting journey with Kevin, Melanie hit her financial goal.
She made enough to replace her child support.
And now, she’s financially independent.
She’s able to take care of herself and her family while working from home.
But it gets better.
Because she learned how “frame” client relationships so they respect her, she’s not overworked or underpaid.
Which means she can stop work every day at 2:45 PM. And spend all afternoon with her kids from the moment they get off the bus.
She’s even taken up dancing to de-stress and have fun. Which she does every weeknight.
“People don’t just start their lives over when they’re responsible for this many people. But I was able to do that and live completely independently.”
Melanie on how her life has changed
*DISCLAIMER: These results are not typical and you may or may not achieve the same results. Success as a freelance copywriter depends on your willingness to put in effort, your attention to details, and various other factors.
I can use copywriting the rest of my life…”
​​Freelance copywriting gave Melanie the freedom to create a life she loves.
She knows she can use these skills forever.
And she’s now using them to create a new business in an area she loves: knitting.
“Copywriting gives me a specialized skill set that I can use to help myself and others for the rest of my life.”
Melanie shares how she’s launching a business
Melanie’s advice to you
Despite having 5 young kids, zero experience, and being in the midst of a divorce, Melanie was able to launch a thriving freelance copywriting career.
It changed her life in more ways than she imagined. And she’s proud of what she’s accomplished.
“I can trace every penny I made to a connection I made in Copy Chief.
Every time I buy gas or groceries or pay rent I know I earned every penny. And I did it with love and support of people who saw something in me before I could see it in myself.”
​If you’re too busy to start a freelance career, or simply don’t think you can do it, Melanie has some advice for you:
Hear how to become a successful freelancer even if you’re busy
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The work Kevin and Melanie did together became the blueprint for Kevin’s Real Free Life program.  Life program.
This is an 8-week coaching course on how to launch a successful freelance copywriting career.
And now, she’s financially independent.
It helps you avoid the pitfalls most copywriters face (not enough clients, charging low fees, not believing in yourself, etc.) and shows you how to quickly become a 6-figure freelancer.
As Melanie says:
“The stuff that took me a year or more. We now help people do within a few weeks in Real Free Life.”
​If you want to get clients coming to you, charge premium fees, and overcome the self-doubt that holds so many freelancers back, Real Free Life is for you.
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In this interview, you’ll discover:
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PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”

PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”
PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”
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