I’ve been fascinated by motivation lately. 

(If I was a Millennial I’d say I am “OBSESSED” with it, and everything else I’m into, wherein the hyperbole would void the meaning of any genuine interest I have on the topic. So, not obsessed. Just fascinated.) 


What makes us do some things – and feel great about it…

And avoid other things – and feel bad about it?

Working with, and coaching, high achievers brings all kinds of fascinating realities to light about what motivates us.

To confirm a few obvious ones… 

    • People who are good at doing a lot always try to do too much
    • People who grew up feeling doubted are motivated to prove others wrong
    • People who grew up feeling criticized never feel like they’re doing enough

It used to take several sessions with a private client before recognizing the patterns of their motivation. 

Now I can usually bring it to the surface in the very first meeting by asking a few good questions.

This is essential, because the purpose of my coaching is to help my members grow their business to the next phase. 

However, if they are not motivated, no matter how clear the instructions or valuable the connections I give them… they will not move forward towards their goals.

That’s not judgement, just reality. 

I’ve been there plenty of times myself.

It’s one of the hardest business traps to avoid; charging down a path others have worn, when what you really need is a machete and permission to hack away.

I’ll be revealing more about motivation – and the results of clear vs cloudy motivation – in future emails.

For now though, if you’re feeling STUCK down the first few steps of the path you’re on, ask yourself…

What led me here? 

Get real about the why of what you’re planning to do.

Do you know the end goal? 
Is this what you and/or your business needs right now? 
Did it just feel like you should be doing SOMETHING?

If there were no rules about how to achieve this goal…

Would you be doing it this way?
Would you choose to focus on only one part of it? 
How would you remove friction or resistance? 

How will life be better when this goal is achieved? 

Will I have arrived at a new place, better than the one I’m in now? 
Will I have more time, energy, or money?
Will I have to work more or less to keep up the momentum I’ve created?

A few minutes of “notebook time” (pen, paper, no tech) answering these questions can free your mind and validate your motivation. 

Then, you can move ahead knowing you’re spending your most valuable (and finite) resources – time and energy – into something that will pay you back tenfold. 

Sometimes the place to put that energy is exactly where it is now.

Sometimes it’s precisely where you’re headed. 

Knowing is the key. 


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