Once you learn the “basics” of a sales pitch it isn’t very hard to write an ad that sells.

It’s so simple in fact that my best selling “stand-alone” product is a framework for fitting all ten of the elements on a single 4×6 index card.  

Combine that with a good product that solves a real problem… present it to people who have that problem, and voila! You’ve got a winning promo. 

So, what makes the difference between a promo that does “well” and one that “smashes”, “crushes”, “kills it”, and changes the fortunes of both the product owner and the copywriter? 

Two things: Research and Story

They go hand-in-hand but are mutually exclusive skills. 

There are great researchers who do not write. However, there are no great writers who don’t do research. 

Research is key, but it’s the storytelling skills that matter most. 

Story is also the fun part of copywriting. The part that “gets good to you”. Gives you that tingle that tells you you’re doing what you are meant to do. 

The greatest introduction for a live band I’ve ever heard was at the Orpheum in Memphis to see the debut of a (now legendary) band called Gov’t Mule.

There was an opening act nobody had heard of. They played a set of intricate songs with self-conscious lyrics. They didn’t suck, but they certainly didn’t rock. 

So, the emcee comes out to intro Gov’t Mule and says: 

“You heard some music for ya head… now here’s some music for ya ass. Please welcome Gov’t Mule.”

Research and fact gathering is writing for your head…
storytelling is writing for ya ass. 

When you read really good copy… the next level stuff that creates a visceral reaction… Carlton, Bencivenga, Dan Ferrari, Laura Belgray, Parris Lampropoulos… isn’t it the STORY that stands out? 

Think about it…

It isn’t the list of the course modules or supplement ingredients you are sharing at the dinner table that night –  it’s the stories. 

Sit around a bar with a group of copywriters and the great ones are not citing stats or dissecting tactics, they are telling edge-of-your-seat stories of hell gigs and misadventures and broken hearts and hard won lessons.

So, as copywriters, we are fueled by story, and our work will forever be judged by our ability to tell great stories.

There’s no one I’ve met who teaches storytelling better than Michael Hauge. 

If you’re the guy Will Smith keeps on speed dial to review his movie scripts, then you’re pretty damn good. 

That’s Michael Hauge.

Major studios pay him thirty grand just to look over scripts and critique the story arc, character development, and dialogue for congruency and believability. 

Because, just like with ad writing, Hollywood storytelling must be compelling and easy to understand to the audience.

Confuse them, or go “over their heads”, or (worst of all) BORE them, and you’re dead in the water.

Michael understands how us copywriters and entrepreneurs need to use stories to sell because he’s taught it to the best in the business.

Russel Brunson, Andre Chaperon, Parris Lampropoulos, Matt Bacak, Abbey Woodcock and many more cite Michael’s teachings as essential. 

Brunson, Bacak and others credit a single session with Michael as a major breakthrough moment in their businesses.

Now, he’s finally recorded all the stuff he’s been consulting the big names on into a course called Hollywood StorySelling.

Because Michael and I are friends, we partnered to create a special offer with some cool-ass bonuses… 

AND he’s offering an 800 dollar discount on the course for Copy Chief Members until January 31st. 

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You’ll not only save 44% off the price of the course, you’ll get access to Michael’s private coaching group to have your stories reviewed.

Ask anyone who knows Michael’s work and they’ll tell you… 

“If you could only study one course on selling with story – this is the one.”

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I’ll see you inside


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