Working from home = awesome. Dressing like you work from home = embarrassing.

Listen to my interview with style consultant for Cosmo and HuffPost (and a really cool chick) Kimberly Seltzer of to find out which clothes you need to throw out immediately, and what to replace them with if you ever want to be taken seriously.

Here’s the thing…

As writers and entrepreneurs who work at home and online, we don’t get out as much as regular folk.

Going till noon in your PJs, conference calls from the back yard, an entire day without shoes… not unusual. (No wonder our neighbors wonder what the hell we do for a living.)

The problem is that because fashion plays a comparatively small role in our daily lives, we are at a major disadvantage when it counts. And showing up to face-to-face meetings (clients, conferences, whatever) in clothes that don’t fit or came straight off the rack at Target is sending a bad message (and costing you money).

When it comes to your personal style, casual is cool, but clueless is a killer.

I’m no fashionista, but I was forced to get hip this year after I was invited to speak at events and appear on camera more often. I’ve learned that little changes go a long way. First rule is you’ve got to be comfortable with what you’re wearing, but for too many of us that means shorts and a t-shirt. Not gonna work.

Second rule is, it’s all about the shoes, man. Kimberly gives great advice about how to shop for shoes and develop a personal style on her website. You can also see great before and after shots, like this guy below…

Hard to believe that’s the same guy. Imagewise he just went from the IT department to the boardroom in one day.

Here’s the secret bonus to putting just a bit of thought into your style… it’s wicked FUN. Once you push out of your comfort zone just a bit and decide to indulge you’ll have a blast shopping and trying on clothes. A free shot of dopamine with every purchase! Can’t beat it.

If you have any specific questions for Kimberly you can post them below and I bet she’d be cool enough to answer them.

Go kick ass…