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Ep 88: Creating Automatic Habits For Better Creativity with Nate Dye

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Ep 88: Creating Automatic Habits For Better Creativity with Nate Dye

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In This Episode

Ever notice how we associate habits with “bad” behavior?

“I have a terrible habit of being late…”
“Bad habit, I need to fix that…”
“Dude, you need to get out of the habit of…”

The first big takeaway (of many) in this conversation with Nate Dye is to realize we can break the “bad habit” belief cycle, and begin quickly creating positive automatic habits.

By quickly, I mean, in seconds.

The trick is to forget creating “new” rituals, but instead installing the habit into your daily routine, along with the things you do automatically, every day.

Before you know it, you’re doing things automatically – without having to think about it – that help make your creative almost frictionless.

Dive into this brand new episode of Copy Chief Radio and learn from Nate Dye of how to quickly establish new, good habits that will give you a major advantage in your copy, and your life.


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