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Ep 78: The “FIRE” Formula For Finding Your Market’s Biggest Needs with Catie Harris

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Ep 78: The “FIRE” Formula For Finding Your Market’s Biggest Needs with Catie Harris

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In This Episode

Here’s the thing, all great businesses start with the basic idea of tackling a problem that NEEDS solving.  This eliminates most of the friction and resistance from your prospects… because they’re LOOKING for someone to step up and relieve the pain.

Reality is, most marketers overlook clear cut opportunities to solve a big pain in their market. You can chalk that off to compassion fatigue. It’s a term the medical community uses to describe how you have a hard time seeing what’s already in front of you… because it’s always right there.

So… how do you lift the veil on hidden pain points you can solve in your market?

Today I’ve got former nurse turned business coach Catie Harris on the show. She’s dedicated to helping nurses turn their knowledge and passion into a thriving business. Catie also helps her clients hone in on their market’s “compelling need narrative” using her unique “FIRE” formula.

As Catie explains in the interview, most of us have a narrow vision of what’s possible with entrepreneurship. Especially in the health field, where the common misconception is that you can only run a clinic.

Truth is, you can do SO MUCH more with your current experience when you focus on finding your market’s most pressing PAINS… and solving them.

In this episode, Catie shows you how you can tune into your market’s immediate needs using her unique “FIRE” formula. (You’ll wanna hear Catie’s insights on succeeding in business… even if your current environment is toxic and fuels burnout.)

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • What “compassion fatigue” is… and why you’re likely overlooking money-making opportunities in your market because of it. (Follow what Catie suggests and your perfect prospect will TELL you what your next product or service should be.)
  • Kevin: “__________ is the most powerful thing you can have in business.” (And it’s got nothing to do with your funnels, team, or tech.)
  • Catie’s “Zen Zone” tactic to tapping into the calm amidst the chaos of a frantic, bustling environment. (Catie shows you how to combat burnout and toxic surroundings with what she’s learned after 20 years nursing.)


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