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EP 270: New Breed: Eddie Shleyner’s “Very Good Copy”

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EP 270: New Breed: Eddie Shleyner’s “Very Good Copy”

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In This Episode

The most organic way to “show your work” as a freelance copywriter is to simply teach what you’re learning. 

That’s exactly what I did when I started my first blog (The Copywriter’s Edge) back in the day. 

Teaching what you’re learning is a great way to “find your voice” as an authority in the industry. It shows your peers and your prospects that you are immersed in the craft – and that means more (especially to good clients) than we realize in the early stages of freelancing. 

The second big benefit is how it helps you learn better through teaching. When we sit with our work, and present all the individual bits to an audience, the lessons become embedded in our DNA. There at the ready for us whenever we need them.

Eddie Shleyner is doing an amazing job showing what he’s learning with his website where he repurposes his “micro-interviews” and “micro-articles” on LinkedIn to attract a loyal subscriber base of loyal fans and high-end clients. 

Eddie and I discussed how he (and why) he started Very Good Copy, how he’s grown his subs to 40k+, and how he turned his English Degree into a thriving career in copywriting. 

If you’re a freelance copywriter looking for your edge, this one is a perfect blueprint to follow. 

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