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Ep 12 – Mastering The Voice of Your Copy

Copy Chief Radio
Copy Chief Radio

Ep 12 – Mastering The Voice of Your Copy

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In This Episode

Great episode with Abbey Woodcock on how to master voice — a critical skill for both copywriters and business owners.

When I survey people about what holds them back from hiring a copywriter, voice is always one of their biggest concerns. And as an entrepreneur, I can attest that handing off your voice to someone else causes a lot of anxiety.

Abbey is a superstar in the world of direct response copywriting, and inside of Copy Chief. She’s worked behind-the-scenes with big names like Ramit Sethi and Jeff Walker to help their writing staff nail their voice. She now trains copywriters and experts how to to write with a distinct and powerful voice that makes an instant connection.

In this episode of Copy Chief Radio, you’ll learn how to discover and customize your writing voice, whether it’s for you or a client.

More key moments you can’t miss…

  • Discover the 7 common voice types, and how to quickly identify YOUR voice
  • How to master and control what your audience hears when you write
  • What you must do when you’re “afraid” of handing off your voice to someone else


Mastering The Voice of Your Copy with Abbey Woodcock

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