If your website is taking longer to build than the Taj Mahal, then you’re doing it wrong. 

Or, your designer’s doing it wrong.

All I can tell you is it’s wrong.

I know this, cuz I’ve been there. 

WAAAY overthinking every detail… 

Like, which colors will position me as more of an expert? 

How to write about myself in third person without sounding like I wrote about myself in third person?

And the big one, staging a phony-ass self portrait that will make people think, “Wow, this guy looks really cool and fun… but serious when he needs to be. How could I not hire this guy!?”

It’s torture. 

And, it turns out, it’s 90% irrelevant to how your website does at converting visitors into customers. 

What REALLY matters in designing your website are 3 critical elements. 

My friend Greg Merrilees (the guru’s designer) of famed Studio1Design, just gave a mind-blowing rundown of these 3 elements to share with the members of Copy Chief. 

The new masterclass called Design That Converts is live in the CC training suite now. 

My favorite part was Greg’s 10-point Design Conversion checklist, because now, whenever I’m planning a new page or site, or consulting a client on it, I know exactly what matters – and what doesn’t when it comes to conversion.

(Because conversion is the only true measure of a good website.)

It’s like having an insider’s cheat sheet that turns you into an instant design expert. Which makes you look like a genius to your peers and clients. 

And finally puts a rest to all that useless inner-haggling over pointless decisions like “glasses or no glasses?” for your own sites and pages. 

Even better, Greg very generously coached us through a fun challenge where we had to…

  1. Identify the 10 Design Conversion elements on a website (yours, a clients, or a rando), 
  2. Score them 1-10 using Greg’s scale, and… 
  3. Declare the one thing they would change on the site to make it convert better.

We love these challenges because we have a blast doing them, and when we actually USE the knowledge we just gained, it’s forever at the ready as another tool in our belt. 

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If you’ve been tortured by the endless choices around what to put on your website – you can stop that now. Turns out there are only 3 elements that matter, and a checklist of 10 things that cause a website’s design make or break the sale

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I’ll look for you inside.

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