I’ll never forget the first time I released my own offer…

I had partnered up with two of my friends, both copywriters, to create a quick copy course. (I can’t even remember what it was called, tbh)

We released it on a marketing platform called the Warrior Forum.

Mostly we just wanted to throw something out there and see how it did. 

The product cost all of SEVEN DOLLARS and we rotated payments between the 3 of us. 

So, we release it, and that night Michelle and I do something we RARELY do…

We got all dressed up and went to a theater to hear the symphony perform. 

(Not that I don’t enjoy the symphony, but for us, it’s usually jeans and a blues club.)

So, there we are at the theater, a bit overdressed, but enjoying the vibe and the music. 

Then, all of a sudden my phone buzzes in my pocket. 

It was a payment alert from PayPal saying: “You’ve got cash!”

“SWEET!” I said to Michelle. “I guess the offer is working.”

Seconds later… BUZZ

Another seven bucks. 

And another!

Now, mind you, I’m only getting every third payment, so the fact that they were coming in so fast was surprising. 

The night went on this way, with sporadic repetition of payment alerts jolting my inner thigh. 

So much that it became a running joke with us…

BUZZ – “Ohp. Drinks are on you, PayPal!” 

BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ – “Dinner, too? If you insist.” 

Of course, this was not exactly life-changing money. 

Maybe the three of us ended up with around five hundred bucks each at the end of it. 

Still, it was a life-changing moment. 


That I could… 

Package up and sell my knowledge

That’s huge. 

Think about it:

As freelance marketing pros…

We get to LEARN on our client’s dime…

How to create, sell, and scale products and offers. 

Which is like getting paid to get an MBA, develop technical skills, and serve a high-level apprenticeship all in one. 

Something people spend years of their lives and hundreds of thousands to do in other industries – without nearly the same earning potential as direct response marketing. 


We get to take that knowledge…

Bottle it up…

And sell it for even more money. 

This time, passively.

Thigh buzzing money. 

Rolling in automatically. 

For work, you did once. 

This is the simple recipe for scaling your freelance business… 

Starts out as a side hustle. 

Develops into a legit service business. 

Then scales as a product. 

Of course, you don’t HAVE TO ever create an offer of your own.

But, if you’re good at what you do. 

And you’ve developed some special knowledge about how to get great results. 

I think you’d be a little crazy to not cash in on that. 

That’s why I’m getting together – in person – with a small group of freelancers this September to show them everything they need to know to create, launch, and scale their own offers. 

I’m calling it the “Beyond Client Money” workshop because that’s exactly what you’ll accomplish at the event…

Creating the freedom to scale your business beyond client fees. 

Which means more time to do things that are important to you. 

More options for how you run your business.

And, even more knowledge you can cash in on any way you choose. 

With all the fear and uncertainty about the world right now, it’s important to take control of your life and business. 

The relatively small investment in this workshop could be the difference between being at the mercy of circumstance, and having total control over your sanity and security. 

If you have questions, ask away at [email protected]

But hurry, space is strictly limited to 25 and it’s filling up fast. 

On Wednesday, June 29th, we’re hosting The World of Financial Copywriting Lesson #3: “How Pro Copywriters Turn Research Into Riches: Learn The Recipe Behind Every Successful Promotion’s ‘Magic Sauce’.

Joshua Lee Henry of Banyan Hill (an Agora branch), will show you everything you need to know. 

There’s no comparison between being taught by someone who is in the trenches, testing copy on a daily basis, to someone who did it 10… 15… even 20+ years ago and now wants to make a little extra money on the side by teaching freelancers what worked DECADES ago.

This industry changes rapidly so you need to learn from those who are working in it right now.

Here’s more about what you’ll learn in this month’s training:

  • How to guarantee your time spent on research is valuable (and actually something you can use to write successful promos)
  • When to stop the research process and move on to writing (without this specific transition period, you might get stuck procrastinating via research) 
  • How to discover the “big idea” of your promo and how to make sure you don’t overlook the best hooks during your research phase
  • The special “80/20 rule” that top financial copywriters use to make the writing phase simple and straightforward (this is how you make writing copy the easiest part!)
  • Plus so much more financial copy wisdom

To join this training (and watch all past and future training) all you need to do is go here and become an All Access Copy Chief member.

And if you’re already an All-Access member, you can click here to join the group. 

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