“How’s that asshat landing all these great gigs!?”

Maybe it’s okay to feel jealous. 

I mean…

Yes, of course, social media is a human highlight reel with (very) questionable accuracy.

Yes, it’s a waste of energy to “count other people’s money”.

And yes, your time is better spent doing your thing instead of wishing you had their thing.

But, sometimes it just gets you. 

Another freelancer you’ve met, or know from social, who has *questionable character* (to keep it polite)… who is posting update after update of them doing all the things (and with all the people) you want in your career.

The kicker? You’ve seen their work and you KNOW yours is better. 

“So, what? You just have to be a dirtbag to win at this game?”
You ask yourself as you close the app and go about feeling cranky for the next hour. 

I’ll reserve my thoughts about whether shitty people really do get ahead in freelancing for another time… 

Because I want to offer a solution to what you’re feeling in those moments:


If any of these sound “obvious” it’s because they’re proven.

So, why is that asshat doing them instead of you? 

You deserve better.

Let’s go get it. 


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