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Ep 154: Outsmarting the Bullies with Justin Brooke

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Ep 154: Outsmarting the Bullies with Justin Brooke

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In This Episode

“I got bullied so bad I had to plan my route between classes to avoid a butt-kicking.”

Justin Brooke, his wife Chaunna and their two kids live on the road full time. Traveling in their cozy Cadillac Escalade between AirBnBs, moving wherever they want, and staying for as long as they feel like staying.

They’ve been “rich and homeless” for 4 years now.  

That’s my phrase, by the way, not Justin’s. He’s not a flashy guy, doesn’t brag about his success, but does love celebrating the big wins he helps business owners achieve by unlocking the tricky codes on cold traffic. 

This four year journey of life on the road was inspired by bullies. The kind that targeted Justin as a school kid and were now starting in on his kids.

“It’s so much worse nowadays. It’s not just in the halls at school, they follow you everywhere on social media.”

So, like true entrepreneurs, they decided to make their own rules, homeschool the kids and design their business to allow them the freedom to move about the world however they choose. 

All while growing their business beyond their wildest expectations. 

We talked all about it in this inspiring, free-flowing conversation.

Of course, since Justin is one of the best marketing traffic experts in the world, I had to also ask him the two most important questions about cold traffic…

– What are the simple rules for staying compliant so you don’t get kicked off of the ad networks?

– How can anyone start with cold traffic on a super small budget?

Plus, “can’t miss” moments written by Jody Robertson

  • How Justin went from $1,000 in his bank account to the go-to “traffic guy” for A-listers like Dan Kennedy and Russel Brunson. What he learned, and how “accidentally” creating an ad agency set the stage for a 7-figure membership site. [5:20]

  • An honest “No B.S.” way to use your marketing mistakes to woo customers. This rarely used (but highly effective) technique is your fast-track to establishing yourself an authority in any niche. [6:40]

  • The “Gatorade” lesson Justin used to ignite his 15-year-old-son’s entrepreneurial spirit. (Including a potential six-figure business model so simple a teenager can do it) [14:30]

  • The “Golden Rule” of making Google happy. How to make every ad compliant every time. [23:32]

  • How thinking like a copywriter can get you banned from EVERY ad platform and what to do instead. This counterintuitive but simple mindset shift is vital if you want any hope of using paid traffic. [24:20]

  • An almost magical three-step ad plan you can start for $5 a day. This is the same method Justin used to build Adskills into a seven-figure business. [26:05]

  • The exact process Justin used at Agoura to boost sales $15,000 a day on a single product. The same process works for any niche and any product. No one is teaching this, but you can learn it at 27:00.

  • A “Traffic Recycling” technique Justin uses to drain every drop of value from his ad spend. This technique is like having your own automated sales team to follow your customers around until they beg you to take their money. [28:05]

  • Google versus Facebook ads. How to choose which platform is right for your offer. Put your money in the wrong place and pay to lose. [30:40]

  • The psychology behind Justin’s irresistible opt-in offer that attracts pre-qualified customers who are ready to buy NOW. [31:31]

  • The dirt-cheap front-end offer raking in the moolah at Adskills. Listen as Justin “hacks” his live offer from landing page to checkout. [33:25]


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