Copy Chief Presents
The Copywriting Event of 2023:

Copy Chief Live – Nashville

Your invitation to get “up close and personal” with the industry’s most successful and forward-thinking marketers and copywriters for three days at an exclusive live event Oct 4th – 6th in Nashville, Tennessee.


Parris Lampropoulos

One of the undisputed greats of direct response, Parris continues to lead the industry with innovative copy and campaigns in the alternative health market.

He’s also one of the most coveted (and secretive) teachers of the craft, whose infamous copy cubs have become the new generation of copy leaders.  

Daniel Throssell

A true disruptor, Daniel has become the most feared and revered email copywriter in our industry. His wildly entertaining (and controversial) daily emails are quoted, criticized, and deconstructed by copywriters the world over.

Love him or hate him, you’re crazy if you don’t read him. Daniel reshaped the concept of email marketing through his ingenious and often pilfered, “Parallel Welcome Sequence.” Daniel is making his live event debut in Nashville, all the way from Australia. 

Laura Belgray

Laura has long been one of the most faithfully read and respected email copywriters, earning millions with her products and promotions.

Her readers (shrimpers) are true fans and she’s parlayed their support into features in Business Insider, Money, Elle, and Fast Company.  In 2023, she took the national stage by storm with the release of her universally praised memoir, Tough Titties.

Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown is the Copy Chief at Stansberry Research, one of the most respected and successful publishers in the financial market, where she oversees writing and production on campaigns that lead trends and dominate the field.

Kelly blazed a trail for women in copywriting by working her way from copywriter to Chief at Stansberry in just six years of mentorship with legendary copywriter Mike Palmer.  

Michael Ford 

As a chart-topping senior copywriter at Stansberry Research, Michael Ford knows what it takes to stay ahead-of-the-curve in the highly-competitive world of financial copywriting.

Learning from the best-of-the-best by studying under the legendary copywriters like Mike Palmer, Michael consistently writes copy that brings in tens of thousands of new leads, and is directly responsible for generating over $100 Million sales.

Ryan Lee

Ever since creating the world’s first sports training membership site in the late 90s, Ryan Lee has personally built five 7-figure and two 8-figures businesses (and coached over 100,000 successful students).. all while working from home and never missing a single one of his four kids activities.

No wonder Ryan has been called the world’s leading “lifestyle business entrepreneur” by Entrepreneur magazine and has been featured in dozens of books, magazines and on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. If you want to learn how to turn your ideas, hobbies, passions and your personality into a rockin’ business – then listen to Ryan!

Lukas Resheske

Lukas is someone I’ve admired “from afar” for years. His posts are always smart, introspective, and future-looking.

It’s no surprise that he has generated more than $200M for clients and students, and trained more than 1000 professional copywriters through his coaching and training programs. He focuses on real communication that moves people forward in business and life. If there’s a genuine “rockstar” in the world of copywriting, Lukas is it. 

Chris Orzechowski

The founder of Orzy Media, agency owner, and creator of Email Copy Academy, Chris’s brash and hilarious writing style has taken the industry by storm and made him one of the most coveted creative consultants in the industry, generating millions of dollars for his clients in info-publishing and E-commerce.

>> Say no more! I’m in! <<

Limited Seats Available To The Public


But that’s just the beginning. We’ll also be joined by this cavalcade of A-list special guests…

Marcella Allison

Marcella has over two decades of experience as an A-list copywriter, in-demand copy chief, entrepreneur, and mentor. Her copy has generated over $200 million in sales for some of the top direct-response companies in the industry. 

She’s won awards for her outstanding performance record and impact on the copywriting industry, and is widely known as THE mentor for women in business.

Steven Sashen

Steven Sashen is a serial entrepreneur who’s never had a job, an OG Internet marketer, a former professional stand-up comic, an award-winning screenwriter, and one of the fastest sprinters over 60 in America. He and his wife, Lena Phoenix, co-founded Xero Shoes, a high 8-figure business making addictively comfortable, barefoot-inspired footwear. Steven and Lena appeared on Shark Tank and turned down Kevin O’Leary’s $400,000 offer.

Sam Woods

Sam’s recent series, The AI Copywriting Workshop, was a game-changing moment for the copywriting industry. He’s been the AI copywriting secret-weapon for companies like Alex Hormozi, SamCart, Explainify, Seller Labs, HubSpot, Jungle Scout, AWeber, and many more.

Over 17 Fortune 500 companies have been quietly flying Sam to their headquarters to train their copy teams on becoming better and faster copywriters than they could ever be without it.

Kim Krause Schwalm

Kim has parlayed her highly-successful marketing career into becoming one of the top A-level direct response copywriters in the country. She’s developed a proven track record of writing successful copy for a wide range of top clients.

She’s also created best-in-class trainings and mentored some of today’s hottest rising superstars—and is the author of a forthcoming book, Client Badassery Secrets.

Brian Kurtz

Brian is the author of Overdeliver, one of the most read and highly regarded books on the craft of direct response marketing. He’s been a serial direct marketer for almost 40 years and never met a medium he didn’t like.

Brian left his beloved Boardroom in January of 2015, and went on to create Titans of Marketing, a group of direct response devotees who innovate the future utilizing the concrete fundamentals of the past. Over 34 years he was responsible for the mailing of close to 2 billion pieces of direct mail in his career.

Shawn Twing

Shawn spent twenty-one years running a digital marketing agency and consultancy.

Since 2020 he has spent his time putting words in front of periods with his dear friend and business partner André Chaperon. He hates long walks on the beach.

And… I have still a few BIG invites out.  

So, the line-up can only get more INSANE.

Oh yeah, I’m your host:

Kevin Rogers

The guy with the insane level of relationships to assemble this kind of event  🙂 Who wakes up every day obsessed with guiding the next generation of bold thinkers and brilliant writers to lead our industry to fresher, more integrous, and (far more) wondrous places. 

I’m the champion of visionary creatives, and the enemy of soul-sucking hucksters. “Papa Kev” to my legion of students and mentees, who’ve become the new generation of copy leaders. 

Nothing thrills me more than filling a room with brilliant people and watching the fireworks begin.  

And I”m bringing my whole crew, including:

Rachel Mazza

Rachel has too many talents and accomplishments to list here. She’s a business builder, copywriter, and strategist. 

She has been my Integrator in Copy Chief for the past three years, building our company from a scrappy start-up to “real business” with a multi-million dollar valuation. 

She’s also an incredible coach to business owners and freelancers ready to go legit and reach their greatest potential.

Rob Tillman

Rob is the Chief Innovations Officer in Copy Chief, bringing his experience with executive roles in aerospace, multinational operations, and spearheading nine-figure growth.

He is engineering the future of Copy Chief by creating groundbreaking AI tools that put the power of our nine years of teaching and training at the user’s fingertips. Rob is also a key advisor to members of our Accelerator and Supergroup coaching programs.


Melanie Warren

Melanie is my incredible co-coach for the RFL and Accelerator programs, as well as a respected copywriter, chief, and agency owner with her son, Jacob. She’s also the creator of the 9 Buyers System, which is now being rolled out in AI workflows across a variety of industries.

As a dedicated mother of five and my first ever mastermind student, Melanie is a force to be reckoned with. If you can dream it, she’ll help you make it a reality.

Plus, members of my Supergroup Mastermind:


Joshua Lee Henry

Joshua is one of the most prolific and successful copywriters in the financial market.

He was recently promoted to Copy Chief at Banyan Hill Publishing (Agora), and is the co-founder of the “World of Financial Copywriting,” an incubator inside the Copy Chief Community to train and place copywriters with top-producing financial publishers and product creators. 

Brenna McGowan

Brenna’s meteoric success is the epitome of what can be accomplished with a small list and a big vision. She’s quickly grown her business from start-up social media manager, to in-demand copywriter, to pre-launch specialist.

Her Pre-Launch Plan coaching sessions are always a sell out event. She is the founder of Anticipation™ Marketing and a true marketing superstar on the rise.

Justin Blackman

Justin is the preeminent authority on brand voice in copywriting, crafting brand voice guides for the top leaders in the industry, including Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, and Stu McLaren.

While so many companies are looking to AI tools to create content, Justin is the champion for modern businesses to maximize the human voice to stand out and build legions of fans and future clients. 

Tania Yeo

Tania is a financial copywriter who’s worked with Banyan Hill Publishing, Grant Cardone, Mirasee, and Stansberry Research. As former assistant copy chief for Grant Cardone, she pulled in $1 million in sales within 6 months.

She’s also the host of ‘Classroom to Copy’, a podcast that helps teachers become copywriters.

Chris Pearson

Chris is a prime example of how freelance copywriters can leverage their skills and experience to grow their own businesses. Aside from signing lucrative deals with his partner agencies, he’s the Co-Founder of Three Beacon Marketing and the Start Carnivore Podcast.

An ecommerce growth strategist, carnivore diet convert, and co-author of “Countdown to Carnivore,” he balances life between business pursuits and adventures in the Colorado foothills with his super mutt, Sylvie.

Jimmy Parent

The okayest guy you know. Jimmy is the Senior Copywriter for a private financial company who’s copy helped generate over $1.5 Billion in revenue. He’s worked with companies like Agora, Oren Klaff, and his work has been published in over 300 publications.

But that’s the boring stuff, because Jimmy’s MOST known for his radically candid, unexpected humor. If you see him, go say hi!

>> Save My Seat! I’m in! <<

Limited Seats Available To The Public

This is NOT your typical copywriting event… 

No ass-numbing keynotes. 

No focus on “tricks,” “hacks,” or “secrets.”

Rather, it’s a celebration of the TRUE CREATIVES of our craft.

The visionaries. 

The big thinkers.

The bold choice makers.

The ones willing to risk it all by putting their scariest ideas out to the world just to “see what happens.”

These are the ones we read, follow, study, and get inspired by every day. 

The true WRITERS and DISRUPTORS that bring fresh, innovative concepts to our industry. 

The DOERS, not the talkers. 

These are the marketers and copywriters
 who have NO FEAR of AI. 

They may be using it as the center of their work, or ignoring it altogether.

Because, frankly, it doesn’t matter. 

It is THEM.

Their MINDS.




This is a chance to spend time getting to know the brightest creatives in our industry.

You’ll learn the most by seeing how they think, what makes them laugh, and getting a real, live, in-the-moment, look inside the minds of legit game-changing copywriters.

Yes, there will be some talks and panels.

(If you know me at all, you know how much I cherish a good live performance.) 

I’m asking a select few of the amazing list of special guests to give a 20-minute TED style talk about…

The Future of Copywriting

And share something they’ve never shared before about their approach, their process, their mindset about writing, and writing to sell.

More than anything, though, this event is focused on RELATIONSHIPS. 

Making new ones, strengthening existing ones, and being a part of something truly special together. 

Because being connected is the greatest value of attending any event.


Here’s what you need to know about attending:

Oct 4th: 6:30pm: VIP Meet & Greet cocktail party.
(VIP PARTY SOLD OUT! You can still get tickets for the main event.)

Oct 5th & 6th: 9am-4pm, 20-minute talks from select special guests, Q&A panels, and surprises you’ll be talking about for years. 

Tickets: $1,500 through August 31. Increases to $2,000 on September 1.

Food & Bevs:
Lunch provided both days.
Coffee and water service, too.

Venue: The City Winery, 609 Lafayette St, Nashville, TN (Just blocks from Broadway)

Lodging: There is no host hotel or room block for this event. Choose something you like near the venue. 

We’ll get  you all the information you need after you purchase your ticket!

It’s going down, Oct 4-6 in Nashville, baby!

Grab your ticket now and come meet and get to know your copywriting heroes, starting with the cocktail party on the night
of Oct 4th (
VIP PARTY NOW SOLD OUT! You can still get tickets for the main event.)

I can’t wait to see you there!

– Kev

>> Save My Seat! I’m in! <<




Limited Seats Available To The Public










What? Not enough star power for you? Here’s even more industry badasses who will be in Nashville…


Marisa Corcoran

Marisa helps coaches and creatives craft their uncopyable message and personality-filled copy inside her signature program, The Copy Confidence Society. She’s also the creator of the wildly popular summit, The Copy Chat which has raised over $100K for organizations like Soul Fire Farm and The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


Cole Schafer

Cole is a writer and creative consultant for brands who lead their industries with bold branding and impossible-to-ignore copy, such as Last Crumb, Bowflex, and Ubiquitous. Cole is the author of two books of poetry under the pen name, January Black, and teaches copywriters how to harness their unique creativity through his courses at Honey Copy.   


Casey Stanton

Marketing Coach, Speaker, and Former Professor at Tulane University. Through his agency CMOx, he has created the Functional Marketing® process to help businesses break free from short-sighted tactics and assist them to build businesses that are more profitable than ever, despite more competition than ever.


Got questions? Check out the event FAQ section at the bottom of this page. Otherwise contact and my team will get you all the support you need.

Meanwhile, enjoy some FOMO shots from past Copy Chief Live events below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

#1 – What is the event schedule like?

The evening before the main event (Wednesday, October 4th) we’ll have a VIP Meet & Greet cocktail party
VIP PARTY SOLD OUT! You can still get tickets for the main event.

The main event is all day on Thursday, October 5th, and Friday, October 6th. 

We’ll release a full itinerary to attendees as we get closer to the live event, but you can expect to kick things off at 9:30am Eastern Time. 

We’ll have content sessions throughout the day until around 3:00pm or 4:00pm ET – and wrap up after that.

We’ll schedule regular breaks between talks so you can get up and stretch your legs, connect with other attendees, get lunch, and take bathroom breaks.

#2 – Will there be implementation time built into the day?

Yes! This is NOT going to be 3 days of people talking “at you.” 

We’ll show you exactly what will move the needle on your business, teach you how to do it, and then you apply it to your business right away. 

You’ll be building real assets for your business in real time at this event – all with the help of expert coaches to help you move past sticking points quickly. 

This is big plan action AND immediate action. You’ll not only leave this event more confident on how you can completely kick ass in your business this year…

But with the right things in place to help you do it quickly and smoothly. 

#3 – Can I buy a ticket to just one of the event days?

Single day tickets are not available. Plan to fly in on Wednesday, October 4th in time for the cocktail party, and fly out October 6th after we wrap up the last content session. (Or stick around for the weekend to explore Nashville! There’s almost always a crew who stays the weekend to continue the party.)

You’ll want to be here for all 3 days of the conference so you don’t miss anything. 

#4 –  Do you have a ticket payment plan?

Yes! You will find a flexible payment plan option on the order form when you check out. 

#5 – What is the refund policy?

Since we need to book the venue and guest speaker in advance of the event, there are no refunds on ticket purchases.

#6 – Who will I meet at this event?

Copy Chief events are widely known as the best place to connect with high-level business owners, marketers, and strategic partners. 

Major CMOs, CEOs, Business Owners, Publishers, Agencies, Freelancers, and independent marketing companies come to this event eager to meet, hire, and partner with high-quality creative marketers of all experience levels. 

Not only will you make life-long friends (the kind that help you build empires)…

But you’ll also be top of mind for referrals and connections long after we all fly home from this event. 

We have high-level business owners asking us every week to connect them with creative marketers and freelancers. 

Joining this event puts you at the forefront of our mental rolodex.

PLUS – You’ll come out of this event with a valuable group of Accelerator “Battle Buddies” who can help you tackle any challenge that comes your way.  

Our Accelerator Mastermind students are “in the trenches” every single day – testing new ideas and discovering what works best in the new marketing landscape. 

They’ll share their experience and insights, help troubleshoot your biggest business challenges, and are a BLAST to talk to at our fun hang-out parties. 

Normally these events are for Accelerator members only – and this is the first time we’re opening a few select seats to the public. 

This is your chance to join an elite group of freelancers and get a “behind the scenes tour” of our high-level coaching mastermind. 

#7 – Why are there limited tickets available?

Normally these high-level mastermind events are ONLY available for our Accelerator Mastermind members.

This is a rare time that we’re opening a few select seats to the public.

The level of coaching, training, and connections at these intimate mastermind events is unmatched anywhere else, and protecting that is important to us.

So we’re limiting the number of seats available to the public to make sure EVERYONE who attends gets as much personal attention, coaching, and implementation time that they need.

This is your chance to join an elite group of freelancers and get a “behind the scene tour” of our high-level coaching mastermind.

#8 – How do I know this event is right for me and my business?

FREELANCERS – What qualifies you is not how long you’ve been practicing your craft, but rather your passion and dedication to becoming great at what you do. 

If you feel it is your calling to become a great copywriter, marketer, or business owner, then you’re qualified.

If you’ve been at this for years and are ready to take your writing and your business to the next level, this is definitely for you.

MARKETERS – You will leave this event with the most actionable tactics imaginable. We’re working with each expert trainer and coach to not only teach you what they do, but to show you how it looks when done right. 

If you’re looking to work with the best marketers in the business to take these “closed door” tactics and infuse them into your current campaigns, this is the place for you.

BUSINESS OWNERS – Even if you’re not looking to hire or partner with talented creatives, the information and connections you make at this event will help you get the ultimate clarity on how to best grow and serve your audience. You’ll learn from the top marketers in the world how to grow that audience, in both size and loyalty. 

Plus – mix with the best writers, marketers and even tech pros producing the highest revenue sales funnels in the industry right now to get the support you need to take your business to the next level.

#9 – What are some of the benefits of attending this event?

    • Learn directly from the world’s best marketing and business leaders – all former freelancers – how to quickly and easily build passive-income offers for your business

    • Connect with high-level business owners, marketers, sales specialists, funnel builders, and product developers who want to meet and form strategic partnerships with creative marketers and freelancers like you RIGHT NOW

    • Bond  with like-minded entrepreneurs looking to build a robust network of peers to learn from, inspire each other, and support one another’s businesses throughout their careers

    • Workshop  directly with our expert speakers and seasoned coaches to implement everything you learn in your own business right away

    • Customize  your plan to create, launch, and scale your “Beyond Client Work” offers and get everything you need to feel confident that you can completely kick ass in your career in 2023

    • Play in one of America’s fastest-growing cities as we wine and dine you with the best of everything Nashville has to offer

#10 – What if I’ve got more questions?

We’re more than happy to help you.

Just send us a message at support[at]

Grab one of the last tickets here before they’re gone!



PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”

PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”
PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”
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100% Secure. We Never Share Your Email

100% Secure. We Never Share Your Email