The numbers are in, there are now over SEVEN MILLION copywriters calling themselves “email copy experts”… 

… and that’s just in the dating niche! (Ba-dam, tsss)

There are a few million more self-titled “email wizards” now teaching super wizardly email tactics like… 

“writing as your dog”
“spicing it up with memes” and 
“using whacky ‘from names’”

Holy send button, I don’t blame you for feeling overwhelmed. 

Or for wanting to learn how to write truly great email copy.

It IS the top money skill in the industry… 

Meaning it’s always in-demand, and even if you get hired to write other assets, just about every client will also need some email to go along with it. 

Email is unique in how it can be the main dish or a side item in almost any campaign plan.  

SO… with all these new email gurus and their courses multiplying like gremlins in a tsunami, how are you supposed to know who is actually worth learning from?

There are a few genuine superstar email copywriters in the industry.

You likely know the ones I’m thinking of, and might own some of their courses.

I’m fortunate to count many of the legit email legends as friends… so, no, I’m not about to trash their work. 

However, many of the O.G. email gurus and their courses do have one thing in common that I believe limits them:

They only show you ONE way to use email. 

[Insert hilarious Home Alone face slap meme]

Like, they’ll teach you to commit completely to dramatic, story-based email… or to write combatively to get your reader’s attention… or to always remind your reader that you have the lifestyle they really want and the only way they can get it is through you. 

Again, these tactics have their place, and they work very well for the gurus who created those courses. 

So, if you happen to be a lot like them, and write to the same markets, and can authentically pull off that kind of voice, then you can do well using their strategies.

But when it comes to learning the absolute essentials of email copywriting… 

… the proven message frameworks… 
… the exact order of sequences, 
… the psychology behind every email you send (right down to the subject line), 
… and in what order and timeframe to send them…

There is only ONE email copywriter I trust to give me a PROVEN email strategy for selling what I’m selling without leaning on hype tactics or hearsay…

That’s Chris Orzechowski.

Chris has been my “hired gun” email copywriter (back when I could get him) and now consultant going back to the second Copy Chief Live event.

The emails he wrote for the live events helped boost sales over 50% two years in a row!

I’ve also hired Chris to optimize every one of my cart abandonment sequences. The result is a double digit increase in sales from buyers returning to complete their orders. 

(They also write us love notes about how the emails gave them a laugh and got them excited about buying!)

Chris was also quick to recognize a hole in our membership renewal sequence and with a few easy tweaks we saw an immediate increase in response to those emails, which led to tens of thousands in renewal sales

So, when big shot colleagues ask me who the best email sales expert I know is… with zero hesitation, “Chris O” is the name I give them.

There are others who are great at certain types of email, or for specific markets, but no one else I know can touch Chris’s in the trenches experience and killer instinct for delivering results with email.

It’s why his monthly email newsletter has hundreds of rabid fan subscribers and is treasured by the top marketers in the industry…

It’s why global personal brands like Jeff Walker and John Assaraf consider themselves “lucky” to have had Chris writing their email when he was starting out…

It’s why thousands of copywriters, marketers, and ECOM companies instantly open every email Chris sends to his list… 

… and pour over his Email Of The Week breakdowns like secret playbooks for their own campaigns. 

So, when I was looking to beef up our Email Copy training program in Copy Chief, I looked to Chris’s Email Copywriting Academy (ECA) as the gold standard.

That’s because just like Chris’s next-level expertise as an email copy expert, ECA is the ONLY course I’ve ever seen that gives you EVERYTHING you need to know, do, and measure to be a bonafide email copywriting pro…

And it doesn’t matter which market you’re writing in, what kind of offer you’re selling, or whether you’re a personal brand or a big corporation… because the frameworks and campaign plans in ECA work for every selling and nurturing scenario. 

Any freelance copywriter who knows Chris (including A-listers) uses what he teaches in ECA to guide their email strategy, and the templates in the course to assure they are writing the exact kinds of emails they need to write based on the goal of the campaign.

See, ECA is not a single philosophy, or a flavor-of-the-month method, or a sneaky “hack” approach to email. 

It’s a system for delivering the kind of emails that use marketing’s most personal platform to its greatest advantage – as a way to build trust, relationships, and long-term buyer loyalty. 

That’s why I’m excited to announce that Chris and I have partnered to deliver a brand new, fully updated, and optimized version of his wildly popular Email Copywriting Academy!

Now exclusively available on the Copy Chief platform. 

That means you not only get a brand new version of ECA, taught LIVE by Chris over 6 weeks (including Q&A sessions with Chris)… you also get bonus access to every training inside the vast Copy Chief training dashboard… plus, access to the amazing Copy Chief community, for 90 days.

ECA and Copy Chief is a true marriage made in heaven (although let’s not picture that wedding night, eh!)…

But, this live training with Chris and the bonus access to Copy Chief are only available right now through this exclusive offer. 

Go here now to see everything you get in ECA and Copy Chief together! (Including 6 weeks of private email coaching with Chris’s own team of copywriters)

I think you’ll be happy-shocked when you see the price, too (if you’re already a member of Copy Chief, use the code in the private forum to get your even bigger discount!)

Chris and I will look for you inside


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PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”

PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”
PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”
100% Secure. We Never Share Your Email

100% Secure. We Never Share Your Email

100% Secure. We Never Share Your Email