3 months from now, you’ll look back and hardly recognize where you started.

We’re going to build a lot of growth and momentum in
your business between now and then.

I’m truly excited to work with you.

Over the next 3 months, we’re going to go deep on applying freelancer frameworks from Escape Velocity, RFL, and the Supergroup so you can move past tough obstacles that
keep you from moving your business forward.

While the coaching calls and private forum is getting set up, I recommend you start blocking the FIRST hour of your day off. This will help you get into the habit of spending that precious time on YOUR freelance business, growing YOUR authority, and generating new leads for YOUR business.

All it takes is just one hour a day.

Now, some important info you
should know about…

If you are NOT a Copy Chief member, check for an email from me in the
next few days about your Copy Chief login.

You will receive an email invite about the time and date of your first Accelerator call so you know exactly how to join and get reminders about it.

Now, here’s how to get access to everything in The Freelancer’s Journey Accelerator:

  1. Open and read your welcome email I just sent over
  2. Fill out the New Student survey here
  3. Look for your Copy Chief logins (if you are not a member yet)
  4. ​Get yourself set up in the private Accelerator forum before our next
    live coaching call.

If you have any technical issues or concerns, please reach out to support
[at] copychief.com and someone on my team will get back to you within one business day.

Congrats again on joining this special group of freelancers. I can’t wait to
talk with you inside.


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