Sales influencers are those things put in place to guide buyers to the sale. Sometimes they are obvious, sometimes pretty stealth.

Last week I shared a video walking through Manly Beach and Sydney, Australia and asked viewers to spot the 20 sales influencers in the video.

I reveal 18 of them under the video. Watch and see if you can spot the two I left out:

:06 Branding (yes, these sign awnings compromise the classic beach architecture of those buildings, but they do wonders for attracting shoppers)

:11 Longevity (Celebrating 150 Years means trust us, we know what we’re doing)

:28 Personal Touch (Flowers in my coffee cup provide the “whoo” effect and induce social sharing)

:32 Atmosphere (Singers on the Corso liven the mood to attract bigger crowds)

1:05 Display (a sign for gelato makes it tempting, seeing it in the display case makes it impossible to resist)

1:14 Abundance (stack the kayaks where renters can see them and get excited)

1:48 Anticipation (waiting in line validates your decision to buy)

2:18 Boldness (this design for the Sydney Opera House was in the rejection pile until the final judge pulled it out and declared it the winner on sight)

2:21 Homage (At first I had no idea why there would be a plaque honoring American writer James Michener on Sydney’s Circular Quay, but turns out there’s a entire walk of them honoring writers from all over. Adds a heady element to the otherwise commercial scene)

2:30 Culture (what is a trip to Oz without a didgeridoo busker?)

2:45 Reward (every tip gets a didgeri-tized “thank you”. Kids loved this and begged their parents to do it again)

2:48 Funnel (walking version of a sales funnel)

3:06 Pride (Australian flags waiving proudly atop the Harbour Bridge signify history and integrity)

3:34 USP (“part bar. part show. all chaos.” says it all about the Burlesque show Swizzle)

3:55 Grandeur (in case you weren’t impressed yet, SOH boasts the world’s largest mechanical action organ.)

4:37 Accessibility (Sydney Harbour is easily reached by ferry train or water taxi, making visiting an easy decision)

4:54 Slogan (“Manly… seven miles from Sydney… a thousand miles from care” accurate and repeatable)

5:40 User experience (one seagull near diners means there are dozens more kept at bay)

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