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Here’s how you can use Copy Chief to get immediate boosts, and long-lasting results from your copy...


Proven Frameworks and Trainings: use our market-tested copy frameworks and trainings to start writing fast, and deliver the goods with confidence knowing you’re following proven-to-convert formulas.


Copywriting Money Skills: Exclusive trainings and workshops where the top expert copywriters in the most in-demand copy skills, like email copywriting, native ad writing, and Facebook and YouTube ad writing give you the step-by-step process for writing the most effective copy for the biggest “needle moving” ad techniques.


Marketing Masterclass Trainings: where the industry’s best in-the-trenches copy pros pull back the curtain on what’s working best in their high-volume campaigns


Copywriting Workshops and Challenges: Let resident pros take you through workshops and challenges to improve your copy with feedback and suggestions for optimizing your ads. copy for the biggest “needle moving” ad techniques.


Essential Core Copy Skills library of proven-to-convert copy frameworks and trainings to help you nail down the fundamental copy techniques with confidence.

Your Copy Chief Membership Includes...

20+ Core Copy and Money Skill Trainings + Every New Live Masterclass in 2020

What’s unique about our trainings is that they are based on RESULTS. Meaning, you’re only seeing the stuff that works, based on the proven tests from our members.

Listing in the Brand New Directory of Copywriters, The #1 Jobs Board & Freelancer Marketplace

Freelancers – get access to opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Both freelance and in-house. From high-level marketers like Jeff Walker, Ryan Levesque and Ramit Sethi… to publishers like Agora Financial… to marketing agencies like Dig.In… to small businesses and marketers that need some copy help.

Business owners – find your next copywriter. Post about the kind of writer you need and watch as qualified writers reach out for you to vet… or you can find the copywriters in the forum that you resonate with most and strike up a conversation to see whether it’s a fit.

Unlimited Copy Critiques & Marketing Feedback

You’ll get 365 days of access to the Copy Chief forum and all the back content, Chief Chats, webinars, case studies, trainings, and more…
Our community of “Chiefs” (top pro direct response copywriters, experienced marketers and industry legends) will dive in to offer you specific tips for improving your ad. 
You improve your copy, post it, and get more feedback until it’s polished.
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“26.9% conversion on a $7 product with 55% conversion on a 30 Day $1 trial that re-bills in 30 days at $19.95.”

Craig Beckta

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“You put up copy you think you’re trying to say, and what happens is you get more targeted, more polished, and more confident copy.”

Wardee Harmon

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“Copy Chief has been a GREAT resource of revenue for me – well into 6-figures annually from Copy Chief connections alone.”

Russ Reynolds

Level Up Your Copy with
Copywriting Money Skills

Money Skills are the critical components of your funnel that spark a revenue injection for marketers, and the most in-demand skills business owners want from freelancers.
You’ll learn how to develop your money skills with our guided trainings inside Copy Chief…

Copywriting Money Skills

There are certain copywriting skills to focus on right now…

… and others you should develop later as you gain momentum and experience.

Money Skills are essential for business owners and freelancers because they are what move the needle on sales and conversions.

Email Copywriting

Email Copywriting is a critical ‘marketing-money-skill’ for any business owner or copywriter.

In this exclusive Masterclass, Chris Orzechowski and I talked about the ONE email that ‘always gets the sale.’
Watch us break down:

Facebook Ads Copywriting

Here’s a masterclass on how to 5x results with Facebook Ads.
In this training, you’ll also learn:

Advertorial Presell Pages

Advertorials are pre-sale pages using story-based copy, specifically designed to warm up cold traffic and capture skeptical audiences.
In this Masterclass, you’ll learn how a single page can be responsible for turning strangers into hot prospects that know, like and trust you.
You’ll also discover…

60-Second Sales Hook

Knowing how to write a compelling story that makes a new prospect Know, Like, and Trust you is essential for everybody in the digital marketing space.
Today, you have less than 6 seconds to capture someone’s attention after they stop scrolling. The 60-Second Sales Hook is the quickest way to write a short line that establishing Know, Like, and Trust….
… so you can win the sale using the power of your unique story.
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“The amount you save on copy courses by doing these trainings is absurd.”

Brian McCarthy

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“Deciding to join Copy Chief makes me feel like a genius every day and I am grateful to be here.”

Russ Reynolds

Real-Time Copy Critiques

Get personal marketing feedback from Kevin during his monthly “Jam Sessions” so your campaigns and funnels are perfectly set-up to sell.
You can also jump into the Hot Seat during our regular Chief Chat virtual hangouts. Kevin and a panel of pros will review any piece of your marketing funnels and give you our best market-tested insights on what to tweak, so you see maximum conversions.

Freelancer & Business Owner "Safe Zones"

Copywriting is just one of the few challenges we have.
As entrepreneurs, there are also fundamental business and marketing challenges we face. That’s why we created separate “safe zones” for freelancers and business owners alike.
That means you’re talking with a group of people who have the same objective as you, and can help you get past any obstacles.
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“The trust factor is there from the first conversation.”

Patty Dominguez

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“When it comes to choosing mentors, I can’t think of a better place than Copy Chief.”

Taylor Welch

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“Small investment for an important place to hang if you’re ‘one of us’…”

Zac Romero

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The Amazing 60-Second Sales Hook That Creates An Instant Bond With Your Best Prospects…

PLUS: get fill-in-the-blank templates and word-for-word video scripts that instantly establish Know, Like and Trust with visitors to your site!


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