Hey SWSers, it’s Kev Rogers here.

I hope you’re enjoying your SWS training. Real brain-cooker, isn’t it?

I had the privilege of teaching SWS for John and Stan for 6 sessions and it was some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. Studying, and then teaching that course was the jumping off point for all the success I’ve had since.

Almost a decade later, the SWS program continues to be my gold standard recommendation when people decide to get serious about developing their copy chops.

So, because I owe so much of my success to SWS, Stan asked me to provide a lil somethin’ extra for you and I’m honored to do it.

And because I’m “too nice” and John often reminds me… I’m giving you something wicked easy that will get you instant results.

This is a super-simple formula I use to make highly effective tip videos.

Why make free tip video? (I call them POSER videos, and you’ll see why in a minute)

When done correctly, these quick and dirty videos will win you a ton free traffic, raise your flag of authority in the market, plus they’re fast and fun to make.

The video below explains the formula and you’ll see me create and launch a POSER video in real time — all in under 5 minutes.

So, watch the video and then follow the formula below, then have fun (magic ingredient) making your own POSER videos. You can combine this attention-getting tactic with your shiny new copywriting prowess to close the deal on any offer and watch your conversion split the sky like a fighter jet.

POSER Video Formula:

Here’s the script I wrote in Starbucks as an example:
Script for sampling:

I’m going to share my rule on when to never offer a discount

Businesses goof this up when they want to lure new customers. You see this often with Groupon. They offer half off a meal or a spa treatment just to “get people in the door”. This is a mistake because even if your “Grouponer” has a great experience, they’re judging it on the discounted price fixed in their mind. They’re more inclined to watch for another coupon than to return again and pay full price.

Reserve discounts for discontinued items, like 40% off of holiday items in January. Never discount signature items.

Instead attract people into your business by offering discounts on items in conjunction with your signature item.

A “free appetizer with entree” style offer is a good way to compel fence sitters into your world without confusing their buyers brain about your cost vs value.

Bonus Tip (optional)
Here’s a bonus tip
Reward your loyal customers by helping them save every time they use your product. A thermo cup that gives them a discount on every refill for instance. It’s a cool way for repeat customers to get a return on investment on items that they need anyway.

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