How happy are you with your clients right now?

Do you get excited about what you see on your calendar?

Or does your stomach swirl into nausea at the mere thought of a random email from a client with the same subject I used in this one?

Or worse: “Quick call?”

Random emails from clients used to WRECK MY DAY.

That’s why this phase (#4) of the Freelancer’s Journey is one of the toughest because it’s where you have to shed all the needless baggage from your journey through the earlier phases. 

Mostly, this means… 

Firing bad clients

Picture a rocket on its way to space… 

Not one of those billionaire thrill-ride “space missions” where trust fund douchebags play dress-up and do zero-gravity backflips for Instagram… 

… but a real rocket ship sending actual astronauts into the black of space.

That moment where the capsule detaches from the boosters and sails beyond the safety of the earth’s spheres… 

That’s Phase 4 for a freelancer. 

It’s a big moment.

In some ways more difficult than strapping into a spacecraft and holding on for dear life, because YOU are the only one controlling the entire mission.

All an astronaut has to do is, ya know, become a pilot and a scientist, and then train several years for their adventure to space.

Pfft. Easy. 

Shit. Most freelancers were never even planning to go to space. 

We’re just tired of driving to work. 

Then we get really good at driving our OWN work, and realize, “Damn, I’m flying. I could actually go to space if I wanted to.”

There’s no room for elite engineers guiding our mission. 

No countless safety checks.

No delicious dried foods or fancy space toilets.

Just us with a jetpack and a motorcycle helmet waving goodbye to our loved ones on the ground. 

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. Love youuuuu!”

No wonder so many freelancers stay stuck in Phase 3. 

Phase 4 is a leap of faith. 

But, when you arrive there, just like space, everything looks different. And what you see changes you forever.  

Which Phase are you in now? 

Go here to take the assessment and find out, and let me help you solidify your current phase and get ready for the next one. 

You don’t have to fly alone.

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