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By pinpointing precisely where you are right now, you’ve taken an important step towards seamlessly ‘phasing forward’ to the next stage of the Freelancer’s Journey Roadmap.

And now, I’m going to show you exactly where to focus your energy and attention over the coming months – so you can start building a thriving freelancing business…

…while sidestepping the most common momentum-blocking pitfalls – before they derail your progress. 

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Your Freelancers Journey Report:
Phase 0

Where You Are Today

There’s a reason why I call Phase 0 “Searching for Salvation.” It’s because in this phase, 99% of aspiring freelancers are trapped in a soul-sapping job. And most are seeking an escape to more freedom, more meaning and more fun.

Sound Familiar

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ll know that sitting it out for the next 10…20…even 30 years in a corporate cubicle is not the path for you. And I’ll hazard a guess you’re itching for a better way to earn a great living – without grinding it out for “The Man” day in and day out.   

But here’s where things get tricky. It’s one thing to daydream about busting out of your 9-5 shackles – and never setting foot in an office again. It’s quite another to make it happen.

And That's Where You Are Today.

You have a worthy (and achievable) goal. If you could just figure out where to start, 

 to make your freelancing dream a reality.

The Road Beyond Phase 0

The Freelancer's Journey

There’s a reason why I call Phase 0 “Searching for Salvation.” It’s because in this phase, 99% of aspiring freelancers are trapped in a soul-sapping job. And most are seeking an escape to more freedom, more meaning and more fun.

And now, they’re:

  • Handing in their notice and never looking back (Phase 1 – Stalking the Craft)
  • Confidently building their freelance business and attracting a constant flow of clients (Phase 2 – Proving the Model)
  • Earning top-dollar, working with industry-leading clients (Phase 3 – Setting the Standard)
  • Cherry-picking the best, most lucrative projects (Phase 4 – Stabilizing the Business)
  • Diversifying their revenue through coaching…consulting…and educating (Phase 5 – Scaling & Leveraging)
  • Launching their own courses…coaching programs…or physical products (Phase 6 – Beyond Client Work)
  • B​uilding thriving companies that can run without them (Phase 7 – Building Your Legacy)

No matter how far you choose to take your freelance career, I want you to know this. It’s easier than you think to make the shift from 9-5er with a dream to the next phase (and beyond) of the Freelancer’s Journey Roadmap.  

​And much more…

Let’s take a closer look at your next phase on the Freelancer’s Journey Roadmap…

Phase 1 of the Freelancer’s Journey Roadmap is all about putting your vision into action – and turning your freelance fantasy into a real-world business. 

Here are the signs you’re ready to ‘Phase Forward’  

from Phase 0 to Phase 1:

  • You can clearly see yourself ditching your day job – and building a successful career as a freelancer
  • You understand what skills you can offer to future clients – and why that makes you a valuable asset to business owners
  • You know precisely where to go and who to follow for reliable freelancing advice – plus, you know exactly what you need to study right now to bring you closer to your goal of escaping your 9-5

Phase 0 Roadblocks

What’s one of the biggest issues that plagues freelancers at every stage of the Freelancer’s Journey Roadmap? It’s trying to predict and prevent future problems BEFORE they show up. Here’s why that’s dangerous.

No one (not even veteran freelancers) can accurately predict problems more than a couple of months ahead of them. Which is especially true if it’s your first time building a business from scratch. 

And the fact is, if you fall into the future problems trap, you could risk fighting the wrong fires – and missing the crucial “right now” challenges that require your attention today. The result? 

Your freelance business could hit a wall before it’s had a real chance to gain momentum.

Which is why I want you to anticipate and recognize the most common Phase 0 roadblocks – so you can bypass them with ease and set yourself up for success…

…without getting distracted by next level problems.

What to watch out for in Phase 0:

  • Letting fear of the unknown hold you back – ever find yourself day-dreaming about handing in your notice and marching out the door of your office…only to snap back to reality – and immediately talk yourself out of making your move?

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. 

And let me tell you, it’s NOT a sign that handing in your notice is a crazy pipedream. Or that you should keep grinding it out day after day just to line your boss’s pockets.

It’s a sign that you don’t yet have enough information to build a concrete escape plan. Which, make no mistake, is scary as hell! 

But here’s the good news. The information you need to build a thriving freelance business is out there. All you need to do is find it. (I’ll explain how in the next section of this report).

  • Information overload and conflicting advice – If there’s one issue that’s guaranteed to breed freelance paralysis, it’s information overload. And these days the internet is littered with overnight “millionaires” – all claiming to have an instant 6-figure success formula. So who do you trust?

Luckily for you, true experts are out there. You just need to know how to zero in on solid advice, while filtering out empty noise. (More on that in a minute).

  • Impostor syndrome – I’ve never met a successful freelancer who didn’t ask the question, “who am I to offer my services to business owners?” at some point in their career. 

In fact, it’s a question guaranteed to rear its ugly head at regular intervals…no matter how long you’ve been in business. Heck – even after 2 decades in the freelance trenches – I’m still prone to bouts of impostor syndrome. 

Which is why the challenge for most Phase 0 freelancers, is NOT whether they can avoid impostor syndrome completely. It’s whether they’re willing to ignore the nagging voice of doubt – and build their business anyway.

How to Build Momentum and
Move Forward to Phase 1

If, after everything I’ve shared with you, you’re ready to make the shift from Phase 0 to Phase 1 of the Freelancer’s Journey Roadmap - here’s what you need to do.​

Step 1: First, find 1-2 trustworthy freelancers who are successfully doing what you want to do - right now.

Step 2: Next, follow these successful freelancers exclusively for at least 3 months. That means subscribing to their email lists…and consuming their blogs, podcasts and YouTube videos (while ignoring smooth-talking “gurus” who’ll try to hijack your attention).

Step 3: Finally, send your chosen freelancers a friendly and respectful message, asking how they got started - and how they achieved success.

Now, here's the key to making this work...

Most successful freelancers will be thrilled to help you if they can. But they can also get extremely busy. Which is why it’s vital to strike a balance between persistence and patience when seeking answers from your chosen freelancers.

Think of this as an opportunity to network and build relationships that will serve you as you grow your business.
Rooting for you!


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