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Ep 93: Jack Born – Perfect Persuasion Windows

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Ep 93: Jack Born – Perfect Persuasion Windows

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In This Episode

4.49 – The exact time and day when your list is most open to your promotions during a launch… ignore this “perfect persuasion window” and watch the bulk of your sales slip through your fingers

 – The “pee in your own pool” scarcity mistake that destroys your credibility and breaks the trust with your list. Are you guilty of this?

15.06 – What a ‘7000-step disease control’ study reveals about deep human persuasion

18.21 – The ‘double scarcity method’ that Amazon used to pull off it’s biggest day of revenue in 22 years. (Yes, even bigger than any Black Friday or Cyber Monday.)

20.59 – How Kevin doubled his monthly membership signup using a technique many marketers hesitate to use

22.16 – What the “12-seat sushi” story reveals about boosting your product’s perceived value without packing on bonuses or bumping up price

26.57 – Jack reveals the biggest mistake that marketers make with countdown timers… (And no, it’s not running fake timers. (Although that’s bad too.)

27.51 – How to ethically add scarcity to your “always open” evergreen funnels and convert more sales

30.19 – 14 word that boosted Jack’s software sales using live chat (Hint: This forgotten technique has NOTHING to do with scarcity, discounts or any copywriting trick.)


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