Become A Highly Paid,
In-Demand Email Copywriter In Record Time!

I’m going to give you the exact system I developed for not only writing high converting email campaigns for clients… but also my system for finding, attracting, and closing “whale” clients who pay you a buttload of cash each month for your email writing skills.

-Bradley Schnitzer, copywriter

“This is the last course on email copywriting that you will ever need.”

Brenna McGowan, email copywriter

This course has already paid for itself with the new client work I have gotten. Plus – I am also so much more confident in my skills.

Josh Rhodes, business owner

This system allows me to write twice as fast, with half the stress. It can take you from struggling email newbie, to profit generating machine in a few short weeks.

Alexa Taylor, business owner

“This course will give you the mindset and practical application necessary to make money with your list.”

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to earn an awesome living as an in-demand, highly paid email copywriting pro… who can write money-making email marketing campaigns in your sleep… and get paid better than most doctors or lawyers… then this is the most important message you’ll ever read.
Here’s why:
Recently, I ran a small group coaching program for a select group of freelance copywriters who wanted to become PRO email copywriters.
Basically, after becoming one of the most in-demand email copywriters on the market… I had a LOT of writers reaching out to me asking if I could teach them what I knew. 
On top of that, I really wanted to ‘document’ all of the systems and processes I used in my business that were previously living in my head. 
I wanted to get it ALL out onto paper.

Over the course of six weeks, I took this group of copywriters through EVERY single step of the process I perfected when working with high-level clients with clients to create record-breaking email campaigns.

I showed them my process for researching markets 90% quicker…so they could learn EXACTLY what they needed to put in their emails to convert well.

I showed them ALL of my formulas and structures for writing high-converting emails FAST. (These formulas helped some of my students cut their email writing time from over 2 hours to less than 20 minutes.
I showed them my process for campaign mapping… so all of the emails they wrote made sense in a sequence… and so the campaign flowed properly and so they weren’t leaving sales on the table.
I showed them how to write more effective broadcast emails using interesting hooks and stories.
I showed them my secret method for crafting high converting autoresponders.
I even walked them through my exact 12-email launch formula that’s responsible for millions of dollars in sales from the launches I’ve done.
I gave them dozens of tips and tricks I use in my own writing to make the emails they wrote addicting… so their client’s customers would fall in love with their copy.
But I didn’t stop there…
I ALSO showed them my bread and butter strategies I use in my copywriting business (to this day) to become inundated with copywriting clients.

I showed them how to STOP chasing clients… and how to get clients to start chasing YOU.


I showed them how to flip the power dynamic in a client conversation so they’re practically begging to take their money.
I gave them my exact sales call closing script that I’ve used to close over $500,000 worth of client work in my career. (Some of them followed this to a T and were able to double their project fees as a result… because they FINALLY knew how to run a client call properly.)
I also showed them my process for pricing out projects and creating attractive packages that clients would stumble over themselves to buy.
That’s not all… but I’m sure you get the picture.
All in all…
Everything I taught in this course was essentially…

The Secret Playbook Behind How I Run My Multiple Six-Figure/Year Email Marketing Agency

"Email Copy Academy is the last course you'll ever need on email copywriting. It’s full of proven email formulas, research tips, and Chris even shows you how to write a launch sequence from scratch (plus plenty more).

Chris backs up the lessons with tons of samples he wrote for actual clients. I still refer back to ECA for fresh ideas when I’m writing emails for clients. Whether you’re an eCommerce store owner or a copywriter breaking into email, take ECA."

- Bradley Schnitzer

My methods worked well.
So well, in fact, that I became so inundated with client work… I was forced to recruit some writers from my pool of students to work with me at my email marketing agency, Orzy Media.
The cool thing was…
My writers – who ALL had to graduate from Email Copy Academy – were so well equipped, they were able to jump in and create one winning campaign after the next for our clients… without breaking a sweat.
It’s funny…
Even though I grew beyond being a solo-freelancer, I STILL lean on the strategies from inside Email Copy Academy.
It’s time-tested and proven.
Everything from the campaign mapping process… all the way to how we acquire and close clients, still to this very day.
Over the years, I’ve had 350+ students go through Email Copy Academy… and it’s been a catapult for many well-known email copywriters today.

Pedro Daim - copywriter

Thanks to ECA, I have been hired to write 7 flows as a contractor for a really cool juice brand.

Max Sullivan - copywriter

Launching a full Orzy style abandoned cart and welcome sequence for a client today. And they're down for 3+ broadcasts a week to start

Lorenzo Rheinicke

Finally feel confident using Convertkit and have setup my first lead funnel.

Karen Kossow - copywriter

To put it mildly, ECA along with Copy Chief has changed the entire trajectory of my business as a freelance copywriter.

Candice Lazar

Email Copy Academy is one of the most thorough courses I've seen on this topic. Chris dives in deep and gives practical advice that's easy to understand and easy to implement. I've already used what I've learned to write better emails in less time.

Sabrina Turgon

Chris unveiled his secrets and strategies for high-yielding emails in this course. I was impressed by the detail he gave in the sessions, and the novel ways to think about targeting potential new clients. The lessons inform my writing to this day and have made me not only a better copywriter, but thinker.

I want to help YOU become a successful email copywriter… so you can get paid to do something you love... earn more than you could at your day job... and enjoy the work you do for clients who truly respect your skills.

Even though I officially “retired” from the teaching profession back in 2017, it’s still in my blood.
It’s a desire that’s never gone away for me.
Although I don’t NEED to teach this program to survive, there’s nothing cooler than hearing back from the email copywriters I’ve helped through this program… and seeing the success they achieve.
I remember how hard it was when I was first starting out.
There was no “Email Copy Academy” back then.
You could count on one-hand how many email copywriting teachers there were. And none of them worked with clients.
I’ll never forget how hard it was to piece together all my knowledge and to forge my own path as an email copywriter in this industry, when I was first starting out.
I remember what it was like when I had no clients…
I remember what it was like when I was spending money on my copywriting education and had barely any cash flow coming in…
I remember fumbling through my first few dozen client calls, feeling like a moron because I always seemed to mess up when I was trying to close a deal…
I remember getting those first few clients and the RUSH that comes with it… when you finally taste that first bit of success…
I remember telling my friends and family about this new “business” I was working so hard at… and I’ll never forget the confused look on their faces. (They thought I was crazy, and very few people understood.)
I remember trying to get that momentum in the beginning. You’d get a client… then lose a client. Over and over again. But it was tough to maintain that momentum and keep showing up day in, day out.
I remember all of that.
It was hard.
If you’re in that stage of your career right now, as you’re reading this… I hear you!
I have sat in your seat.
I have walked ten thousand miles in your shoes.
I have been where you’ve been… and I’ve arrived where you want to go.
The good news is, this path has already been “figured out.”
There’s no guesswork here.
This is a rare opportunity to learn directly from me the foundational steps that led to me building a $500,000+/year email copywriting business and become one of the most in-demand copywriters in the industry.
I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do to accelerate your email copywriting career faster than any other program you’ve ever been through.
This is a field I’m passionate about.
And I can’t wait to get a chance to work with you to take your email copywriting skills (and client-getting skills) to the next level.

"ECA is packed to the rafters of copy-boosting and business-gowing nuggets. However, I got most value from a very specific story-telling approach to writing emails and launch sequences. Merely suggesting a campaign to my CEO based upon ideas from Chris's launch sequences, urged him to give me a pay rise!”

- Carl Ashton

“The Email Copywriting Academy is the best copywriting course I’ve ever taken. Soon after completing the course I landed a gig writing emails for a marketing agency. So far every project I finished has been met with praise and adulation. The clients are thrilled and as a result, my agency is giving me almost more work than I can handle.

So, whether you’re a copywriter looking to specialize in email or an online business owner struggling to write your own emails, you’ll be a bonafide expert after taking Chris’s course.

He starts with the basics then dives deep into the anatomy of good email writing, how to write effective launches, how to get clients and how to close like a pro.

His no b.s. approach to teaching is a refreshing change of pace from most courses online.

If you want to level-up your email writing game, look no further than The Email Copywriting Academy.”

- Eric Wall

Email Copy Academy has a NEW home on
the Copy Chief Platform.

Kevin Rogers has been my coach since the early days of my freelance copywriting career.
Under his guidance, my business has grown from a “side hustle” to my full-time profession. My revenue has increased over 900% since I began learning from Kevin.
Kevin has guided me through the creation of Email Copy Academy. And after a lot of discussion about the future of this program, we thought the best way to make it available to as many aspiring email copywriters as possible would be to join forces.
That’s why I’m excited to announce that Email Copy Academy will “live” on the Copy Chief platform from now on…  which is the ultimate place to go to learn how to become a world class copywriter.

"Before I joined Email Copy Academy, it took me up to two hours to draft a single email for a campaign (and that's not counting how long it took me to come up with a topic). Now I can write an email draft from start to finish in 30 minutes.

I was hesitant to buy this program at first because I'm a course junkie who suffers from shiny object syndrome. I didn't want to purchase another copywriting course where I was consuming content without following through.

In reality, I was blown away by the value packed into this course. Not only did I learn about crafting great email campaigns, but also how to close deals with high-end clients and earn their respect. Chris broke down every single step in his process... and it's GOLD. If you want to make more money with email, grab the opportunity to learn from him while you can."

- Haley Greene

In addition to getting full access to the Email Copy Academy curriculum, you’ll also get…

A 30 Day All-Access Pass to Copy Chief… for FREE!!!
This is where things get really exciting.
As you’re going through Email Copy Academy, you’ll be granted access to Copy Chief for the next  month. 
You can go through ALL the trainings, engage in the community to make new contacts and friends… and even scoop up some gigs from the Copy Chief job board (in my opinion, it’s copywriting industry’s most valuable job board with the BEST clients around).
And if that wasn’t enough…
You’ll also gain access to a special Email Copy Academy forum inside of Copy Chief. You’ll be able to interact with other members of the program… and also with myself and my two co-coaches as you go through the program.
Crazy, right?

Chris Orzechowski is not only an ace copywriter who gets his clients results, he's also an ace teacher who goes above and beyond, and gets his students results. He's written so much high-converting copy for his clients by now that his head is full of amazing tips and examples that show you exactly what works and what doesn't. His Email Copy Academy rivals any other program out there and is better than just about any of them, including the most famous ones. Do yourself a favor. If you have the chance to work with Chris, either as a client or as a student, jump on it. Don't wait. Because when you come back - and you will come back - it's going to cost you a lot more!

- Deborah Owen, Marketer

What You’ll Learn In Email Copy Academy

Here’s everything you’re going to learn when you sign up for Email Copy Academy today...

Module #1: Super Simple Email Marketing 101

> How to choose the right email software for your business

> ​How to use your email software without getting confused by all the tech

> ​Segmenting 101

> ​​How to keep your list healthy and engaged (and how to reactivate it if it's gone cold)

> ​​​My simple process for market research that reveals everything you need to know about your market to make a ton of sales

> ​A worksheet you can fill out that will give you virtually unlimited amounts of email ideas that your target market will love to read

> ​​How to create lead magnets people can't resist

> ​How to use your lead magnet to get your first 200+ subscribers

> ​​How to test your lead magnet to see if people will want it before you spend time creating it

Module #2: The Anatomy of Emails That Sell

> The psychology behind emails that sell and emails that don't

> ​12 rules for email marketing that will make every email you write twice as profitable

> ​My 10+ formulas for subject lines people can't ignore (these are infinitely adaptable... and I provide dozens of examples you can model)

> ​My 14 highest converting email formulas (after writing thousands of emails for clients, these 14 are the ones I always go back to when I'm looking for a 'sure thing.') The best part is... you can reuse these formulas over and over again without people ever even knowing... they are easily adaptable for whatever product you're selling.

> ​​​​My simple formula for crafting emotionally compelling stories that make people fall in love with your emails

> ​Advanced storytelling tips that keep shift people's beliefs and make your brand the only one they ever want to do business with

> ​Copy breakdowns of emails from multi-million dollar campaigns I've created for clients

Module #3: Email Strategy

> Different email strategy models you can use for your business... and how to choose the one that's right for you.

> ​​Tips for keeping out of the spam box... so that your emails don't get lost in the shuffle

> ​How to write broadcast emails people look forward to... and buy from (without needing scarcity, urgency, deadlines or discounts)

> ​​​How many times a week should you email? (I'll tell you exactly what's right for your business)

> ​​​​What to put in your broadcasts so people never get bored... and so they grow to love the emails you send them.

> ​​How to write an autoresponder that actually converts

> ​​​Campaign Mapping - my process for mapping out complete sequences and campaigns, so that you'll never stare at a blank page wondering what to write again.

> Broadcast & autoresponder email copy and strategy breakdowns - see firsthand how I write these for my clients and for myself

> ​​​And much, much more!

Module #4: Big-Money Launches

> The four stages of every launch campaign (and the psychology behind each one)

> ​How to gather feedback from your launch to make even more sales during all of your future launches

> My framework for writing successful product launch email campaigns

> ​​The different types of product launch campaigns... and how to adapt your emails for any kind of launch.

> ​​​​Two super-successful email launch sequence breakdowns (one of these generated six figures of sales in four days flat... with nothing but a few emails and a sales page!)

Module #5: How to Get Email Copy Clients

> How to get a paying client as fast as TODAY, without sending out any cold emails.

> ​​​How to find and attract more of your dream clients (you know, the ones who pay you well and respect your hard work)

> The four best methods of lead generation for copywriters... and how to use them to get booked solid with well-paying copy clients.

> ​​​​How to network without feeling like a weirdo. (And how to get dozens of people to refer multiple clients to you year after year.)

> ​​​​​How to become everyone's "go-to" copywriter... even if you're still getting your reps in.

> ​​​How to leverage yourself and start attracting clients with content. (This is especially awesome once you start getting clients reaching out for stuff you created months ago. It really builds your authority and positioning in the marketplace.)

> ​And much, much more...

Module #6: Closing The Deal & Delivering Results

> How to get clients to apply for the privilege of speaking with you (this turns the table and puts the power back in your favor)

> How to mentally prepare yourself for the sales call (and how to get rid of all the butterflies and jitters you might feel when you normally talk with clients.)

> ​An almost "word-for-word" script you can follow when you're on a call with clients... that will close deals for you, even if you're introverted and are terrified of talking about money over the phone.

> ​​How to close deals and get paid the same day... without ever having to send a proposal. (This isn't for everyone... but it can save you some administrative headaches and time that you'd normally spend crafting an elaborate proposal that most people don't want to read anyway).

> ​What to do IMMEDIATELY after a client says 'yes.' If you fumble this part... the deal might fall apart right in front of your eyes.

> ​​How to price your email copywriting services... how to put together packages... and how to actually get paid after the client says 'yes.'

> ​​​How to deliver your project and provide a dream come true experience for your clients... so they'll wanna hire you again and again and again.

> ​​​​How to turn a one-time copy job into many jobs... or even a retainer deal.

> ​​​​​And much, much more…

I just landed my first client (and in the exact niche I'm trying to get into, language learning), and a lot of it was just getting the confidence to know what I'm talking about from the ECA course.

- Elliott Pak

“Easily the best email copywriting training I’ve taken. Each module is solid and could pass for a stand alone course in itself. ECA covers everything from before writing an email to getting clients & everything in between. Chris has a fun & engaging style of teaching. The Email Copy Academy will bring you up to speed fast on email copywriting & more. Definitely a no brainer for anyone serious about email copywriting.”

“Easily the best email copywriting training I’ve taken. Each module is solid and could pass for a stand alone course in itself. ECA covers everything from before writing an email to getting clients & everything in between. Chris has a fun & engaging style of teaching. The Email Copy Academy will bring you up to speed fast on email copywriting & more. Definitely a no brainer for anyone serious about email copywriting.”

- Audie Young

How Does Email Copy Academy Work?

The entire course is laid out in an easy-to-implement system you can use immediately to take your business to the next level.
There’ll be a homework assignment after each lesson that you can post up in the forum to get feedback.
And by the end of the program… you’ll be a better copywriter who’s able to find clients, close deals, and deliver ‘dream come true’ results for your clients.
You’ll find EVERYTHING you need to become an effective email copywriter inside this course.

This whole course has been a blast learning all the minute details on how to write powerful, cash making emails customers and clients will love.

Before I enrolled in Email Copy Academy, my copywriting business was a hot mess. I don't know how to structure my offer or even how to start a campaign. But with ECA, I am now confident to take on larger projects knowing that I have an amazing email copywriting system in place.

Module 5 and 6 can be sold on their own for at least $500 and it's still worth it!

-Carl Dexter Arceo

In addition to getting full access to the Email Copy Academy curriculum, you’ll also get…


A 30 Day All-Access Pass to Copy Chief… for FREE!!!

This is where things get really exciting.
As you’re going through Email Copy Academy, you’ll be granted access to Copy Chief for the next month. 
You can go through ALL the trainings, engage in the community to make new contacts and friends… and even scoop up some gigs from the Copy Chief job board (in my opinion, it’s copywriting industry’s most valuable job board with the BEST clients around).
And if that wasn’t enough…
You’ll also gain access to a special Email Copy Academy forum inside of Copy Chief. You’ll be able to interact with other members of the program… and also with myself and my two co-coaches as you go through the program.
Crazy, right?


6 Insider Email Secrets Bonus Videos

If you’ve ever wanted to “look over the shoulder” of a multi-million dollar email copywriter, this is your chance… 
Tap into the mind of an email copywriting master by watching these coaching sessions where Chris answers the most common questions and breaks down his advanced-level strategies and tactics.
This is not available anywhere else so make sure you dive into these special bonus vidoes as soon as you get the chance.


“Million Dollar Email Sequences” Bonus Training with Chris Orzechowski



In this training, Chris will walk you step-by-step through the process he’s perfected while working with high-level clients to create record-breaking email campaigns – Including his exclusive process for mapping out profitable campaign architecture. 
Using this proprietary system, you’ll learn how to sequence your emails so every campaign flows smoothly, converts more prospects, and ensures you never leave a single sale on the table. 
You’ll get a rare, behind-the-scenes look at how Chris teaches his own team to craft high-performance email sequences for 8-figure clients every single month.
In this live copywriting masterclass, you’ll learn how to:
  1. Design and map out email campaigns based on proven conversion strategy instead of guesswork
  2. Instantly get new subscribers indoctrinated into your list to build those “know, like, trust” signals quickly
  3. Confidently craft relatable stories that sell any product or service you’re promoting
  4. ​Write winning emails FAST so you quickly see ROI on your work
  5. Meticulously measure and analyze the results of your campaigns (without getting bogged down by data)
  6. ​Understand the principles of winning campaign architecture – choosing the best TYPE of sequence to use before, during, and after the sale
  7. Choose the exact structure, content, and cadence to get your best prospects begging to buy from you.
  8. Know exactly when to send your emails so you avoid audience overwhelm
  9. Advanced strategies to get freelance clients ready to invest in their email marketing campaigns
  10. And More

The Email Copy Academy is kind of like when Neo downloaded Kung Fu into his brain so he could kick ass in The Matrix..... except instead of Neo, you actually learn from a real professional who's been there. And instead of Kung Fu you learn how to turn emails into money. After going through Chris' step-by-step 'email mastery' brain download, I feel like I can kick ass on ANY new campaign – both for clients and my own offers. In fact, I had a hard time giving him feedback because the course answered all of my questions so well! It's so nice being able to walk into a new project and feel confident that I can knock it out of the park.

-Rachel Mazza

Wanna know what it’s really like going through Email Copy Academy?

Watch this video to see recent a ECA graduate break it down

“Chris is such an excellent teacher and truly over-delivers in this course. I feel so much more confident with my email copy skills. If you’re a copywriter just getting started, or you want frameworks for email copy and sales calls – This is everything you need to build a copy career writing email copy.”

Chrissy Mize – recent ECA graduate

I went from not even knowing what software to choose to having a growing email list - all in 5 weeks!!! Thank you Christopher Orzechowski for the detailed examples and templates, and for being such a fun teacher.

- Alyx Nettik

What’s The Investment?

ECA is a STEAL of a deal.

If you were to hire my agency for a one-off project, it’d cost anywhere from $10,000 - $15,000+ for a single project.

And back when I did offer this as a small-group, yearly coaching program… it was $3,096/year.


I realized not everyone could afford that, especially when you’re first starting out in your career.

I wanted to make this super affordable, so any email copywriter who wanted to learn from me could get access to their training at a reasonable price.


I’m not going to charge you $3,096 to join.

In fact, you can join today for only…


Think about it this way…

How many clients would you need for this course to pay for itself?

Probably not many.

Most email copywriters charge between $100 - $200 per email.

Some charge even more.

(I personally charge a LOT more.)

At my agency, we bill clients anywhere from $600 - $1,000 PER EMAIL.

I bet your very next gig would pay for ECA many times over.

Mark Onusko

ECA gives real examples of Chris's own copy and swipes to teach you want to do. It's as close to walking around the copy corner of his brain for a while as you're likely to get. If that's a place you even want to go. If you're a working writer, you're going to get nuggets to make you better this week. If you're just staring out, you'll be starting from the 50 yard line instead of the starting line with everyone else. ECA delivers value every single lesson. And do your homework each lesson you'll get 5x out of the course.

Gary H.

“Damn you Chris! Here I thought I was only getting an email course and gave it all away! Now I don’t have any excuse to live the freelance career I envisioned. You bastard. But on a serious note...thanks for delivering. Since joining, I closed two deals for $7200 and $6200 respectively (both personal bests), AND I know what to do with the results so I can raise my prices. If you’re on the fence with Chris, don’t be. The truth serum he provides in ECA will make you confident to ask for what you deserve. Thank me later.”

Is there a guarantee?


Join ECA today and watch the first two training sessions and complete the first two homework assignments within 30 days of purchase. If after that, you still don’t think it’s worth your time… just reach out to Support [at] and we’ll refund you completely.

Alexa Taylor, business owner

Chris over-delivers – You don't just get the cookie cutter "I am teacher. You are student" advice. Not only do you get the formal presentation, but he also freestyles tips and strategies, gives you scenarios and actually cares that you understand the information. Whether you're looking for client work or want to learn email copy for your own business, the course will give you the mindset and practical application necessary to make money with your list.

Norman Reyes

"ECA was a learning experience like no other. Chris shares a wealth of knowledge in copywriting, market research, client acquisition, and so much more! Do not hesitate in signing up for ECA. Success is imminent if you put to practice what you learn from Chris."

Why You Should Join Email Copy Academy Right Now

If you KNOW you want to become an in-demand email copywriter… then this is your one opportunity.

I think you KNOW in your heart that ECA will help you become a better email copywriter.

If you truly believe this can help you… then join.

See you inside,

Chris Orzechowski

Carlos Garcia

What I learned in his Email Copy Academy is how to start an email campaign from scratch, how to do proper research, and write all types of emails that clients are wanting and needing. I even learned how to look for potential clients who are a better fit. I’m glad I have the recording cause this is one of those products you’ll need to go through 10X to get all the golden nuggets

Tanya Smith Lorenz

Chris is that rare thing in the marketing world – an excellent practitioner of his profession, AND an excellent teacher. The ECA course gave me everything I need to know to take my email copy up a notch, and how to turn out consistent, compelling emails which get results. Rather than just spoon-feeding what worked for him, he showed us the principles of how to write good emails, and the processes to follow – so now I’ll never have to worry about the dreaded blank screen, or how to structure the various different sequences my clients need.

Join Email Copy Academy for only $497

1. 6 video lessons with Chris Orzechowski

2. Additional coaching and feedback through the program from the Copy Chief Community

3.Lifetime access to the recorded training sessions and bonus materials

4. Dedicated ECA Forum sections to get community feedback on your weekly assignments

5.Access to a network of thriving freelance copywriters at the top of their game

6. BONUS #1 - 30 Days unlimited access to the Copy Chief Community, Training Dashboard, Job Board, and Feedback Forum

7. BONUS #2 - 6 Insider Email Secrets Bonus Videos

8. BONUS #3 - “Million Dollar Email Sequences” Bonus Training w/ Chris Orzechowski

9. BONUS #4 - A LIVE coaching workshop with Chris O. in March – only for ECA students

The price is just $497 for everything listed above.

If you'd like to join, click the button below to reserve your spot.

Karen Kossow

Since finishing up ECA, my email writing skills (and style!) have improved dramatically. I have more confidence, and I now feel comfortable establishing myself as an authority...and pricing accordingly. The mindset shift Chris teaches you created momentum that has gotten me pretty far in a short amount of time.

Dylan Martinsen

Just got off a call with a client using the sales script from ECA.

He accepted my price for the project AND wants me to send him a monthly package – this will pay all my personal AND business bills and expenses every month

This Email Copy Academy system allows me to write twice as fast, with half the stress. And, I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one. This course can take you from struggling email newbie, to profit generating machine in a few short weeks... all you got to do is trust the process.

-Josh Rhodes, business owner

Check Out What Some Email Copy Academy Graduates Had To Say About Their Experience:

“Email Copy Academy is the best email course out there. I made my investment back by a factor of 100. There’s not been a course that I’ve found since that goes as deep. You’re not going to find anything better.”

- David Maswary, freelance copywriter

“I’ve used ECA for so many different clients – helping them build out funnels and do 5-figure launches. One of the best things about this course is the number of different TYPES of emails it teaches you to write. Highly recommended”

- Christy Goldfeder , funnel strategist

Veronika Kabarguina

“I've taken many copywriting and content marketing courses with great marketers and business owners but none of them compare to Chris and his program. First off, there's no ECA without Chris. No one could teach it better than Chris because no one is as thoughtful, raw, encouraging, and REFRESHING in the world of marketing, SaaS, e-commerce, and copywriting. His course is more straight-forward than any other out there on segmentation, building your list, your client's list, how to write consistently, how to write emails (including scenarios), what readers need to know before they buy, and soooo much more. The amount of info you get for the price tag is insane. One module alone pays for itself but only if you DO THE WORK. Implement it and repeat. Over and over again until it gets annoyingly easy to continue the process over and over. If you're willing to put in the work consistently, if you're willing to really DIG DEEP, put your head down and DO, rather than just plan, and if you want to join one of the most friendly, no-nonsense group of email marketers in the English-speaking world then I suggest you get Chris' program NOW!! This course has not only strengthened my ability to write emails faster and with better approach to strategy, but has also increased my confidence 500% when speaking with others about what I do, speaking with clients about strategy, and on sales calls and I used to ABHOR verbal communication. Now I get excited explaining what I do verbally. So DO IT, get the course, join the group, and learn from Chris. He is an incredible teacher!

Amy Dempster

Chris' Email Copywriting Academy is serious magic whether you want to improve your copywriting skills for your own business or become a freelancer and write for clients. I felt like I had decent writing skills when I signed up for the course, but wanted to learn the specifics about writing and selling to email lists and that's exactly what I got. I really appreciated how Chris broke up the content throughout the course. It's really easy to binge-watch course videos thinking that you'll go back and apply the lessons later, but that doesn't always happen. About halfway through the course, I sent one email to an old list with just under 1,000 people that I haven't emailed for months using the skills I learned in the class and made $1,600 in three days. Mind blown. Since then, I've been emailing that list consistently and have an email box full of responses to my emails, requests to book my services, and notes from people saying how much they love and look forward to my emails. That wasn't happening before I took this course. Thanks for an awesome class. I'm so excited to continue improving my skills and starting to make some real money from my emails…

Email Copy Academy gave me the confidence to call myself a Copywriter and Email Marketer. I had zero email marketing experience before I took Chris's class. Now, I have a client who wants to pay me for new projects every other week.

Chris is a truly an expert.

He taught me the secrets to writing an email & email sequence that sells. Who knew there was such a science behind it? Chris broke down his method in an easy-to-understand way - that can work for any business.

My investment in this course has already more than paid for itself.

Chris showed me how to create content for my own business blog. I could honestly map out a year of content, just by going through the process he breaks down step-by-step.

I honestly feel he gave away the exact methods and processes he uses that have turned him into a stud in the copywriting/email marketing world.

He also taught me how to land new clients, control client relationships, and earn recurring revenue.

And oh yea, I have a full-time job in a stressful newsroom. I wasn't able to make a single live call during the course, but it didn't matter. I watched the taped recordings whenever I could.

The content was super valuable. I also did the homework assignments and Chris broke down my examples on the calls - so I got just as much value as everyone on the actual call.

In short, if you want to write emails that sell...

If you want to get new clients who will pay you big money to do it...

And if you want to grow your own business...

Take the course.

The value I got from it will stick with me forever and I'm going to use the information to escape a newsroom and do what I love most - writing... that sells.

-Mike Sullivan

When I first saw the email for Email Copy Academy I totally wanted to do it. As a social media strategist who emphasizes in copywriting, I know how important emails are for sustaining and growing your business. But, it was around Christmastime and as a working mom of three kids I wasn't sure if I could swing the investment. After careful consideration and asking Chris tons of questions (which he graciously answered), I decided to go for it.

And I'm so happy I did. The course has already paid for itself with the new client work I have gotten. I am also so much more confident in my skills. Additionally, I have taken all the information and compiled it into a binder so I can make notes and refer back to it on various projects. Chris's systematic approach to explaining what I need to onboard a client and execute a powerful email or sequence has taking the guessing game out of what I should be doing to be successful. I am super thankful to have gone through this course.

-Brenna McGowan

"It quickly became apparent to me that Chris really knows what he's talking about. You'll benefit from his years and years of experience and have a lot of fun doing it too. He has a real knack for giving it to you straight while also keeping it light and entertaining. If you have the opportunity to learn from him, just do it."

-Björn Sundström Falkenström

Chris’s email knowledge is top notch. This course gives you everything you need to jumpstart your email copywriting business or if you have an existing business it can show you how to increase your sales via email. But the best part are the video tear downs of the homework assignments where you get to see Chris breakdown the good and bad of fellow students emails. It’s a truly eye opening experience to raise your game so much faster than your typical course.

-BJ Pivonka

Email Copy Academy is hands down one of the most actionable and comprehensive courses on email copywriting out there. It’s jam packed full of information but it goes beyond that - he steps you through his entire process on how to use stories, write emails that convert and why he writes what he does. Plus it’s tactical and strategic and that’s what makes this course more powerful. You’d be crazy not to learn from him.

-Shae Baxter

I was super excited after hearing about Chris' email copywriting mentorship, knowing that he's sold 10s of millions of dollars for some HUGE names and spoken on some great stages. I set the goal of finding 'that one great nugget' as a practicing email copywriter. But the nuggets just kept coming, over and over and over again. RIDICULOUS value.

Chris explained everything so clearly and emotionally, telling entertaining and impactful stories that keep the lessons in mind (I keep thinking about that crazy elevator story.) He gave us these 'simple epiphanies' week after week. It was easy to understand, in your face common sense that nobody's ever articulated.

12/10 would recommend. If you're wondering to yourself 'Should I get it? Is it worth it?' Just sign up and start figuring out how you want to spend/invest all the extra money you're going to make.

-Crisshaun Nelson-Jackson, Email Copywriter

The emails I wrote sold out my client's program in two weeks. Now I'm on a monthly retainer and she's referring me to her students and other businesses. Guess I'm a copywriter, he he he!

-Barbara Murphy Shannon, Email Copywriter




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PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”

PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”
PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”
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100% Secure. We Never Share Your Email

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