If you’re struggling to land great clients… the kind who appreciate how important what you do is to their business… then this free, webinar is going to show you how to change that.

The world of copywriting and freelancing has changed dramatically in 2022.

Now more than ever, it’s critical to know where the market is going, what skills are most in-demand, and how to find great clients who will keep you booked and paid consistently with work that supports your strongest skills.

In this live training we’re deep-diving into what smart freelancers are now doing to attract the best clients, and remain booked solid in the new era of freelance copywriting.

Copy Chief’s Kevin Rogers will walk you through: 

    • The radical shifts companies made this year in how they hire freelancers (with examples of active, high-level job postings)
    • How to adapt your skills (and build your confidence) to land gigs in the current market
    • The 4-step system to building a successful (and stable) freelance copywriting business in 2022
    • How to clearly identify your “dream clients” so you can go straight to where they are
    • The simplest way to nail sales calls and interviews to close the deal with new clients
    • How to position yourself as the clear, “no-brainer” choice for the best gigs

Want Kevin’s Personal Help Launching and Growing Your Freelance Business in 2022?

Kevin here,

I’m looking to work closely with a very specific group of people who want to launch their careers as freelance copywriters from scratch.
Here’s what I’m looking for:
  • You want to find out what it takes to work as a professional freelance copywriter…
  • You’re committed to achieving “escape velocity” into a new career…
  • You’re willing to follow a proven system for getting to Phase 3 of The Freelancer’s Journey
  • You can commit at least 5 hours per week for 10 weeks from the start of June 2022…
  • You are friendly and coachable…
I’ll be choosing people for the new class in the next couple of weeks…




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Highlights From This Training

Why Successful Freelancers Specialize


Why “Picking A Niche” Isn’t Enough


The 4-Steps to Crisis-Proof Your Biz


How To Become Known As The Go-To
Expert In Your Industry


The 4-Steps to Crisis-Proof Your Biz


The Amazing 60-Second Sales Hook That Creates An Instant Bond With Your Best Prospects…

PLUS: get fill-in-the-blank templates and word-for-word video scripts that instantly establish Know, Like and Trust with visitors to your site!


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