Dear friend,

Remember those sudden compliance changes on ad platforms that were wiping out business accounts almost overnight?


The first rumblings about that swift shift in compliance were heard at a specialized “R&D Laboratory” for copywriters…

… many of whom started noticing weird fluctuations in their client campaigns, and a tighter squeeze on what you can and cannot say in an ad.

And only a handful of clued-in businesses (thanks to the wicked fast reporting from those working copywriters and ad specialists in the field) managed to pivot quickly…

… and avoid the eventual ad account “ban hammer” before hundreds of thousands in lost revenue dollars went up in smoke.

On that same note…

Remember when the world suddenly stopped spinning in Q1 2020 after the initial viral outbreak… and we were all forced indoors with no certain end in sight?

Where almost overnight…

Many businesses—especially brick and mortar or anything involving contact with humans—faced near-certain extinction if they couldn’t figure out how to get new customers and buyers.

Well, it was inside that very same “Copywriting R&D Laboratory” that critical “pivot and recovery” strategies came to life…

… where working pros immediately shared what worked best to re-position offers, move stuff online, or come up with new “selling hooks”…

… or even whipping up completely new products and services that’ll sell even in scary, uncertain times.

And again…

It was those savvy businesses and copywriters in tune with the cutting edge developments…

… and the “guaranteed to work today” strategies inside that “Copywriting R&D Laboratory” that survived those tough times.

And that’s just two of MANY examples of how this collective wisdom of working pros operating behind tightly closed doors inside this “Copywriting R&D Laboratory”can decide the future of your business or your copywriting career.

It’s where “new marketing laws” get passed.

Where new advertising shortcuts and tactics spring to life that can slash lead costs and juice up sales.

And it’s where outdated marketing gets immediately replaced with faster, more profitable methods aligned with today’s markets.

So how do they do it?

It’s simple, really.

By completely filtering out the fluff, clutter, and out-of-date tactics and jargon…

… and distilling it all into “what’s working and making money today” language every business owner, copywriter, and marketer understands (and can implement immediately.)

By completely filtering out the fluff, clutter, and out-of-date tactics and jargon…

… and distilling it all into “what’s working and making money today” language every business owner, copywriter, and marketer understands (and can implement immediately.)

And with over 148 years (and counting) of documented direct marketing history and copywriting knowledge to sort through and filter…

… it’s only possible to extract what works in TODAY’S markets by performing almost torturous testing of every so-called “proven method.”

See, in a world where everyone seems to be making larger-than-life claims, the true experts know to judge a promise on only one single criteria – proven results!

Kind of like when Ford Motors hurls its brand new F-150 truck into the miserable, mud-ridden plains of Borrego Springs, California…

… and puts it through “hell and back” in piping hot n’ humid conditions, just to prove their trucks can actually function in extreme and off-road conditions.

The idea is this: If a pick-up truck can survive THAT ordeal and still start… you can rest assured that it’ll haul, tow, and traverse anything you can think of in “civilian land.”

And it’s that same rigorous testing we do with sales copy inside the “Copywriting R&D Laboratory” called Copy Chief.


Before any new copywriting and marketing training “becomes official” inside…

… the critical principles and tactics get tested, re-tested, and pushed to their limits in the REAL WORLD.

That means if you see a strategy in one of the trainings inside our private Copywriting Training Dashboard… you can be confident the stuff still works across the board in real businesses to THIS DAY.

And when I say real businesses, I mean REAL businesses— from fitness all the way to baby food (not just “internet marketing”.)

This also means that if something stops working today (like old-school fear n’ greed style FB ads for example)…

… you’d be the FIRST to know way before your bank account feels the pinch…

… as if that information got “leaked” somehow directly from the source.

That’s how quickly our working pros and specialists report what’s really going on in the trenches, where real sales and dollars are on the line everyday.

Over 1000+ active, professional copywriting specialists brief you… and immediately report back what’s making the sales today.

Best part?

All this cutting-edge marketing and copywriting wisdom gets delivered to you in just a few, short video trainings you can watch once and never forget… in just 30 minutes a day.

You’ll know what the marketing strategy is, where it comes from, how the working pros understand it…

… and more importantly—what it all means for YOUR business or your writing career.

Because that’s what’s most important, right?

You wanna know what’s making money TODAY, and exactly how to put it to work racking up sales for your business (or your client’s business if you’re a copywriter.)

And here’s what’s great about this “marketing torture-testing” approach:

Whenever our top copywriting specialists collectively agree that a NEW method, framework, or strategy makes you sales today…

… you’ll almost instantly get the simplified, and ready-to-execute version for your business (or your client’s business.)

It’s a lot like an “over the air” update your iPhone gets from Apple whenever a cool, new feature or capability comes to life.

As the smartphone user—all you see is a happy message lighting up your screen saying:

“Congratulations! Your iPhone is now up to date. Your camera can now capture every wrinkle on your forehead in stunning HD.”

So what it is, really…

Is a living, breathing peer-review system for business owners, marketers, and copywriters.

Where you can “bet the house” on the cutting-edge information you receive…

… because it’s already vetted, tested, and deployed in TODAY’s highly-sophisticated and competitive markets. (And not just because it worked on “Clickbank” for a couple of months 17 years ago.)

If you were to get your hands on all the trainings and collective wisdom of the Copy Chief “R&D Laboratory” individually…

… you’d likely have to spend upwards of $50,000 and perform YEARS worth of marketing tests across dozens of industries.

But—because it’s now delivered on a brand new and enhanced digital platform and communication system…

… you can now stay on the cutting edge of what makes sales TODAY for less than the price of ONE single copywriting course!

- Eran Malloch, Copywriter

“Wow! Wow! & Wow again! [These Trainings] will SERIOUSLY improve your copy & marketing!

Melanie Warren

“Copy Chief helped me build a career from scratch, work with legends, and provide for my family as a mother of 5.”

Adam Hunt

“What I love about Copy Chief is that – of all the trainings I’ve devoured – everything makes perfect sense. “

Jay Jackson

“Copy Chief gave me the confidence and conviction that I can make this a life-long career.”

What’s Included In Your Training Dashboard?

What’s unique about our trainings is that they are based on RESULTS –
Not theory. Meaning, you’re only seeing the stuff that works, based on the proven tests
from the industry’s learning marketers and “in the trenches” experts.

Access all your trainings in your personal mobile-friendly Training Dashboard, including:

Core Copy Skills

Learn the fundamental skills needed to confidently create any and all pieces
of persuasive copy including research, storytelling, and more!

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“Thank You For The Awesome Training In Copy Chief.

Apart from the methodology, the way you deliver it inspired me. Listening through the trainings gave me the confidence to write and allow my passion to flow into what I’m writing.

It seems like tedious work as I went through each one individually. But then I had some real “ah-ha” moments.

Now , I’m starting to tap into that inner flow of magical copy!”

Carl Andrew
Copy Chief member since 2014

Copywriter Julie Carrol

I have been blown away by the trainings, the new platform and all the value you have provided. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don’t need anything right now except more hours in the day to get through this and write.

Pete Fadeyev

Strong, plain-English, real-world, ready-to-use training tools. Everything builds confidence and skill. I haven’t been this invigorated about my career in 20 years. I’m mapping my transition from corporate soldier to freelance copywriter and I know CC is going to be at the centre of this.

Boykie Mackay

Another awesome training. Thanks Guys. I took a potshot at trying out the 4x6 formula with index cards and it worked surprisingly easy.


I thought I was the only one so geeky about this stuff. WHEN I read how everyone else is chomping at the bit for an opportunity to try the new training, it proves three things: It’s a fantastic tool, a great training, and time well spent.

Thanks kevin for bringing this to us. I can’t wait to use this on a projectt I am working on now.”

Copy Chief member since 2017


We regularly bring you exclusive masterclass trainings with top industry experts. With these new trainings, you’ll be able to lead your industry as a true marketing expert, and always be in-the-know of what’s working now.

All for the affordable price of $97 /month.

Here’s How You Can Use The Copywriting
Training Dashboard To Accelerate Your
Copywriting And Marketing Results FAST:

Beat Sheets

Fill-in-the-blank templates that guide you step-by-step through the TOP copywriting formulas being used by A-Listers today (like the Rebel Yell, the 4x6 Sales Formula, and more.)

Core Copy Skills

Learn the fundamental skills needed to create any and all pieces of persuasive copy including research, storytelling, and more!

Freelancer Skills

This “Freelancer Skills” training series gives you the job-training you need to launch, grow, and manage your freelance business.

Money Skills

Copywriting “Money Skills” directly increase sales for your own products, or make you more in-demand as a freelancer.

Copywriting Crash Course

New to copywriting? Here’s a crash course to walk you through our best trainings so you can confidently write copy that works.

Guest Experts

Top industry experts and marketing legends teach these exclusive workshops you won’t get anywhere else.

“Thank You For The Awesome Training In Copy Chief.

Apart from the methodology, the way you deliver it inspired me. Listening through the trainings gave me the confidence to write and allow my passion to flow into what I’m writing.

It seems like tedious work as I went through each one individually. But then I had some real “ah-ha” moments.

Now , I’m starting to tap into that inner flow of magical copy!”

Carl Andrew
Copy Chief member since 2014

Access To The Copywriting Training Dashboard Includes…

  • Full Year (365 Days) of Access

    To The Copy Chief Training Suite And Exclusive FB Group

  • 30+ Proven Copywriting Frameworks

    And Trainings (Including New Trainings Added Each Month)

  • ​Access to a Training Dashboard

    That Will Guide You Through ALL The Trainings In An Easy-To-Use, Go At Your Own Pace Format. It Works GREAT On Mobile And Allows You To Track All Your Learning Progress

  • Access to new Guest Expert Training Replays,

    You’ll Be The First To Access New Masterclass Trainings From Industry Experts And Marketing Legends Such So You’re Always “In The Know” Of What’s Working Now.



$97/month (3 Month Commitment Or Save Money On An Annual Plan)
  • Unlimited Access To The Copywriting Training
    Dashboard With 30+ Exclusive Trainings
  • Flexible Month-To-Month Payments At Our
    Lowest Price (3 Month Minimum)
  • Copywriting Frameworks, Templates, And “Beat
    Sheets” To Help You Create Winning Copy
  • ​Includes Everything Listed Above
  • ​30 Day Conditional Guarantee (Try Risk Free For
    30 Days By Following These Steps)
  • Access To This Month’s New Masterclass Training
  • Exclusive Discounts On Intensive Coaching
    Programs And Live Events
  • And More!

*** Discounted Annual Plan Available

Christine McLvor

“I just finished my ‘Question Authority Worksheet’ and I’m so happy I took the time to complete this exercise. I am absolutely blown away with my findings. Hands down – best homework ever! This has really changed everything for me and my business. Thank you!

Kathy Joyce

I’ve only been a member of Copy Chief for a couple of weeks, but already learnt so much. The 4x6 Copywriting Formula training is the best I have ever come across, and I can implement what I’ve learnt straight away.

James Brotherston

“The video on copy-boarding from Joe Schriefer is worth my membership price alone”

Risk Nothing With Our Easy 30-Day
Money Back Guarantee

Come And Enjoy Full Access To Everything The Copywriting Training
Dashboard Has For You Over The Next 30 Days, If You Aren’t Blown Away By
The Value, Then We Will Return Your Fee, No Questions And No Hassles.

Here’s how my conditional guarantee works:

  • Log in to your Copywriting Training Dashboard
  • Watch at least 2 full trainings out of the 30+ trainings
  • Complete the assignments in those trainings

That’s all we need to give you a custom path to getting immense value from Copy Chief. If you aren’t convinced of the value after doing those three steps and implementing the advice I offer then I will refund you 100% with no question and no hard feelings.

Why A 3 Month Commitment?

Copy Chief is widely known as the best place for freelancers
and business owners to level-up their copywriting skills.

This powerful training dashboard works best for those who are ready to get serious with their training. To provide you the best training possible, and make it clear that this is for marketers who are ready to go “all in” with their business – we require a 3-month commitment to get started. After that, you’re welcome to cancel anytime.

“Hi, I’m Kevin Rogers.”

I started Copy Chief in 2014 so high-level copywriters and
marketers could have a private place online (away from the
clutter of social media) to share our well-guarded secrets on
what works best (and what failed worst), so we could all do
better work.

Since then we’ve opened our doors to members of all levels, from true
legends of the industry to eager new converts to
the craft looking to score their first client win.

Our mottos is: Nobody Writes Alone because we watch each other’s
back with honest and instructive copy critiques, Masterclass level
trainings, and searchable framework templates to help you stay on
track and pump out copy fast.

I’m proud to say that the name Copy Chief has become synonymous
with quality and integrity in copywriting across the industry. This is
where the top direct response marketers and business owners come to
meet and hire their copywriters.

Whether you’ve been writing and marketing for 3 months or
30 years, you’ll be blown away by what you experience inside.
Our members consider Copy Chief their secret weapon in business.

This community works so well because we keep things simple…

Everything we share is based on results, everyone treats each other with respect, and everyone invests in their
membership so they can get the most return from it.

If you’d like to learn from the very best in our industry, access the #1 Jobs Board, and get unlimited coaching and critiques from the pros (based on what’s working today)…

Then, welcome! You’ve found your new home.

Kevin Rogers

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